Nelson Mandela - Early Opposition to Apartheid

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Nelson Mandela's early life including his trial in 1964.

News report covering ANC leader Nelson Mandela's early life - his opposition to apartheid,his trial (called Rivonia trials) in 1964 which grew out of the Sharpeville riots in 1960 and his opposition to the pass laws of the apartheid regime. At this trial he was sentenced to 27 years in prison.
From: News Stockshots
First broadcast : 16 June 1999

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 14-16

Subject : History

Topic : South Africa 1960-1994

Keywords : Nelson Mandela

Notes : Can use clip as an introduction to studies on Mandela, apartheid, South Africa 1960-1994 and Africa. Look at why Mandela, an ex "terrorist" leader became so revered through the world. Can compare with other ex "terrorists"

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