Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

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How Llywelyn died with extract from an elegy written to mourn his death.

The history of the killing of Welsh prince Llywelyn ap Grufydd, also known as Llywelyn the Last. Includes an extract from an elegy written on Llywelyn's death by poet Gruffudd ab yr Ynad Goch. Historian John Davies discusses the poem and it's significance.
From: Reading the Ruins - Welsh Castles
First broadcast : 16 May 2002

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 11-14,14-16

Subject : History, Welsh First Language, Welsh Second Language

Topic : Medieval Wales, Famous Welsh people, Past heroes, Literature

Keywords : Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf, Llywelyn the Last, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Grufudd ab yr Ynad Coch, Cilmeri,

Notes : History topics - Medieval Wales, Llewelyn the Last, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. Pupils could do further research in order to write a newspaper article summarising the story of the death of Llywelyn. Investigate the history of the elegy quoted here, a famous poem in the Welsh tradition. Welsh 2nd language topics - Welsh literature, Welsh history. Pupils could create their own elegy on the death of a historical figure.

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