The food we eat and how it's produced raises a raft of environmental questions. Should we eat more locally-grown, seasonal food? Should we eat less meat? And why do we throw away so much food in Wales? The pages below tackle some of these issues but we also want to hear from you. Get in touch, tell us something and join the debate as part of the Green Wales season.

Last updated: 10 December 2009

Food and farming

Morgan Parry from Sustain Wales says one way of cutting our carbon footprint is to eat less meat - but how would that affect farmers?

Top tips

Handy advice from the Changing Lives: Going Green television series on how to eat well without harming the planet.

Food for thought

Environmentalist Angharad Penrhyn Jones from Machynlleth gives her views on food supplies and sustainability.

Food supplies

Radio Wales reporter Kayley Thomas looks at how food production could adapt to global warming.

Give up meat?

Hindu theologian Akhandadi Das says the global meat industry is more responsible for carbon emissions than transport systems.

Maggot's mission

GLC's Maggot asks if it's always better for the environment to buy locally-produced food?

On the farm

In a short video filmed at the Royal Welsh Show, student Gareth Jones says agriculture is going to have to change with the climate.

Roy Noble

For his Radio Wales afternoon show, Roy gave up meat for a week and tried his hand at vegetarian cookery.

Grow your own

Mike Howells from Groundwork Wales says you don't need a garden or even an allotment to grow your own fruit and veg.

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