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16 October 2014
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The people of Wales

The people of Wales

Information on the population of Wales, personal incomes and leisure activities.

What's the population of Wales?

The people of Wales are descended from many ethnic groups, including the original Britons and other population groups including the Celts, Romans and Scandinavians. Around three quarters of the 2.94 million population are concentrated around the large cities and mining valleys of the south east of the country.

In the last 100 years, Wales has welcomed many diverse new groups to settle and be part of its population.

What are typical personal incomes in Wales?

Wales has large areas of economic deprivation. Many of the poorest areas are concentrated in the South Wales Valleys, which has suffered greatly since the decline of the mining industry.

The weekly average gross earnings in 2004 were £444.70. This is considerably less than in both England and Scotland. Men in Wales earned an average of £483.60, and women £379.60.

In the year 2002-3, mean personal income before tax was £17,900. This compares to £21,600 in the UK as a whole, £22,100 in England and £19,500 in Scotland.

What do people in Wales do for leisure?

The last survey of leisure activities in Wales showed that the most popular choice here is visiting the pub, with around 58% of those surveyed citing it as their favourite regular activity.

Next come sport, an activity with which around a third of the adult population engage on a regular basis, presumably to work off all the beer drunk at the pub!

DIY and gardening also rate highly, as do short breaks and trips, with a third of the nation taking regular outings to the country or seaside.

For more information on statistics relating to Wales, we recommend a visit to the National Assembly's Statistics For Wales website.
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