Coal House at War

November 1939

Kevin (George) Wilson, Liverpool

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"I'd just like to thank Andrew for helping me connect with a part of my Dad's life that he was very fond of. He was from Kent and was evacuated..."

Is it Real?

"Running her fingers through her hair having handled 'cordite' - in real life, standing in front of the fire when she got home would have seen her in flames..."

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"My children and are I are missing watching it even though it is nice to have our family home..."


Topic Comment Name Date
Programmes well i went on coal house at war and the experiance was fantastic and all my friends are saying they would never … maisie tranter -davies 22 Apr 2009
The Bevin Boys I loved the show and really think it should be on every year the bevin boys were great carl 15 Apr 2009
The Evacuees Coal House At War was AMAZING!! It taught me loads and was so interesting!!! Well Done to all the family's you mu… Beth 11 Nov 2008
The Griffithses it was rather intresting but it didnt give any info on the food they ate or what food plan they had but what i wo… richard grantham 12 Mar 2009
The Paiseys hi steve ,nat and family,just wanted to send you a little message to say i was a big fan of coal and told everybo… katherine stocker 09 Dec 2008
The Tranter Davieses Hey everyone, i'm Atlanta. I was in school when Laura and Annie came in to talk to us and i loved it, well i just… Atlanta 19 Mar 2009

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