Bryngwyn Hall

By Kevin (George) Wilson, Liverpool

During the second World War, there were hundreds, possibly thousands of school children evacuated throughout Britain, if not the world.

Myself, being from St. Cecilia Parish in Liverpool, at that particular time, was also one of the 'evacuees'.

We all went to a place call Caerwys, Mold, in North Wales, known as the smallest town in Great Britain. We all stayed in a place known as 'Bryngwyn Hall' (White Hall).

I can recall quite distinctively how much of a culture shock it was.The wide open ever rolling green fields, the animals that children from 'Tuebrook' would never have seen. Children of the Catholic faith received their religious instruction at the Town Hall, but for the life of me, I can not recall ever going to school while I was there.

Freedom was paramount and for those wondrous, glorious months, we catholic children roamed and combed and explored the unknown worlds of countryside. Bird's nests, trees to climb and sometimes fall from. There was also a slate quarry....but oh the freedom to wander at will for days, weeks, months on end. The happiness within 'Bryngwyn Hall' amongst the many children. For I do believe there were more than our school chldren there.

The boys lodged in the upstairs of this great big mansion-type house, and we would pillow fight and raid the girls down on the ground floor. Would then, my dear friends, appreciate any old former school evacuees from Liverpool, who also have fond memories of those wondrous days, though harsh days for the world, it was the freedom that us children remembered so profoundly...magic days....

Respectfully, Kevin (George) Wilson

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