Llanbradach then and now

By John and Elizabeth Poole, Llanbradach

My grandfather, Daniel Seaborne, worked in Llanbradach Colliery from 1908. It was called the Brad (Llanbradach) Pit, long before there was an actor of that name! He was originally from Hereford but he and his brothers came there for work. He was 72 when he retired.

My father was killed during the Second World War when the camp at the bridge at the River Kwai was bombed in November 1944 by an American aircraft. We lived in Llanbradach with my grandparents and I remember the telegram coming.

Everybody knew everybody in Llanbradach and there was a lovely community feeling. We all cared about each other in the village. I remember the sound of the foghorns down at Cardiff Docks and the pit hooter at Llanbradach Colliery.

All these sounds have gone as have the bathing pool, two cinemas, the church and the Workman's Hall and Institute which was paid for by local miners.

At one time there were 70 shops in Llanbradach, including many in front rooms of houses. Now there are only three left.

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