The Tranter Davieses

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The Tranter Davies family

The family have all taken something from the past back with them, even Tilly!

Geraint Davies (42)
is a criminal justice drug worker

Laura Tranter (37)
works for Barnardo's Cymru

Annie-Starr (17), Caitlin (12), Rosie (12), Maisie (9), Tilly (4)

The Tranter Davies family are from Merthyr Tydfil

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donna pearce, ystrad rhondda
great to see this series back again.hope to see more in the future.congratulations bbc wales more please

Mark, N.Wales
I think Laura is fabulous. She appears to have settled in well and has the occasional giggle. Would love to see more footage of her & her family

Brendan Nellis, Barnardos Belfast
Priceless Laura - good luck with it all. I hope they intend to show this Nationally, so that I can boast to my friends that i know a TV star! - how cool is that !-- In the meantime I'm off to Majorca on Saturday for some R & R ! sorry, but I'll be with you in spirit. All the very best, Brendan

hey u rock

chloe-louise , barry
ooo myy gossh ! itss odd seeing caitlin on here than in school. will be watchin you on telly cait. good luck !

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