The Tranter Davieses

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The Tranter Davies family

The family have all taken something from the past back with them, even Tilly!

Geraint Davies (42)
is a criminal justice drug worker

Laura Tranter (37)
works for Barnardo's Cymru

Annie-Starr (17), Caitlin (12), Rosie (12), Maisie (9), Tilly (4)

The Tranter Davies family are from Merthyr Tydfil

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Atlanta, Merthyr Tydfil
Hey everyone, i'm Atlanta. I was in school when Laura and Annie came in to talk to us and i loved it, well i just want to say how amazed i am that you just done the show Coal House without a rehersal only a book that tells you what to do, and Annie thanks for teaching the Rock- step dance to me i am still working on it well hope you all enjoy being in coal house i watch it alot of the time and it is coooooooooooooooooool say hi to all the other families and Tilly what does that malt extract taste like? well buy for now i hope to see you all once again!!!!!!! xxxx oh and by he way i'm your no.1 fan!!!!

chloe, united states
i am the biggist coal house fan i love coal house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love chloe xxxxxx

sasha, wales
Hi my name is sasha i love the bevan boys OXOXOXOX SASHA XXXXXXXXX

I. Morgan, Cheshire
When is a DVD available and where will it be available from and the cost?

Cerys, Newtown
hi what was it like Annie-Starr without hardly any make-up and meeting Rory? Did you all have fun loved the programme it was great!!!

molly burford, Skewen
My mother knows Laura Tranter Davis as she used to work with her.Me and my mother (Dawn) loved the show!!! It was fun watching what everybody gets up to. We look forward to seeing the next series!

ella mai owens, llandudno juntion north wales
i am 9 years old and i really love coal house at there going to be any more coal house programmes?

Esyllt Jones, Cardiff
Thy are doing very well

Howard J Tranter, Lancashire
My Dad was Alfred TRANTER from Coventry he married Jessie Maud DAVIES from Coventry. Mum's DAVIES family came from Lilleshall, Shropshire and the TRANTER ancestors all came from Warwickshire. I was just wondering if any of your ancestors came from these places. Kind Regards Howard

yasmin, Dyfed
I think there will be back home this next year

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