The Paiseys

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The Paisey family

Lara shows us her best table manners.

Dr Stephen Paisey (33)
works in one of the MRI research units at Cardiff University

Natalie Paisey (30)
is a housewife, but is soon to be in part-time employment with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Isabel (9), Gruffydd (7), Euan (5), Lara (2)

The Paisey family are from Cardiff

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katherine stocker, newton abbot devon
hi steve ,nat and family,just wanted to send you a little message to say i was a big fan of coal and told everybody who knows you down here when to was brillant especially steve admitting to wearing womens underwear on tv i don't think you will live that down and i hope you have stopped now.but honestly i really enjoyed watching you and all the other members of coal house well katherine graham and adam.xxxxx

C.Thomas, Amman Valley
You Paiseys are great. In anything you do, so the saying goes , you are only as good as your last performance. Have just watched this evening's final omnibus programme.. You were all ace!

kia, Cardiff
I think the paiseys are very lively + fun to have been 1 of there neibours is very funny hope to see u soon kia xxx

H Bowen, Hopkinstown
Really enjoying Coalhouse at War. I love the Paisey family. Poor dad, Stephen, being sent down a mine. He is so good humoured and upbeat about everything that happens. Similarly Natalie, who poor thing has to stay at home all day and keep a semblance of order whilst coping with four young children on war rations and without any mod cons. Life must be hard, what with kids not liking the food and getting dirty all the time- Little Laura getting her shoes stuck in the pig muck! Yet Natalie copes wonderfully. A great series.

clara and molly , cardiff
hi izzy i think that i couldn't even last one week! you are really brave Izzy can't wait to see you at school from Molly xxx hi izzy your so brave to last a hole month! can't wait to see you in school hope the bevin boys aren't annoying you to much p.s. (nice dances) x clara x

kim , Treforest Wales
Lara rocks. She is so enjoying her experience and she is really entertaining to watch. All the paisley family are enjoying Another one who rocks is Rose Griffiths, she will whip those bevan boys in to shape they have met their match in her YOU GO GIRL

history fan,
How lovely to see Mum and Lara sharing a meal togeher, I'm glad the tea wasn't hot!!

Mathew F, Cardiff
Hi Griff and family. I am missing you at school. It's not the same without you. You look like you are having fun especially with all the animals. Whats school like in the 1940's? I don't like the look of that stuff the teachers make you eat. yuck! My mum says she's going to send me to the coal house. Hope you are having a fantastic time. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. from Mathew

Lynne Follis, Cardiff
Just wanted to say hello to Natalie and family. You are so adventurous to take on the coal house. It must be a fantastic experience but very hard work with four children. You all seem to have taken to it like ducks to water. Its so lovely to see all the children playing outside together. There seems to be a real spirit of community which we don't get in the modern world. You are all doing so well. Keep up the good work. Lynne

Kat Barry, Cardiff
Where can I get that suit, Natalie looks so glamorous with her red lippy and killer look, that fitted suit, that dress at the dance, and pink cardi, she was born to be a 1940's pin up. The children look so happy all playing together, we could do with all our children being able to play out, it's almost paradise, well it would be if it wasn't raining, October, and freezing. Well done all of you.

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