The Griffithses

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The Griffiths family

The Griffiths family missed the little luxuries of the modern world.

Howell Griffiths (56)
is an ex-miner who now works as a driver

Rose Griffiths (55)
is a manager of a residential care home in Ammanford

Mandy Griffiths (34)
is the daughter-in-law of Howell and Rose, and works as a dental nurse

Kieran (11), Callum (9)

The Griffiths family are from Ammanford

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richard grantham, stockton-on-tees
it was rather intresting but it didnt give any info on the food they ate or what food plan they had but what i would like to know where you got the info about the food it must be hard because we have searched the internet day after day and we have not fornd a thing it is like looking for a needle in a haystack all we find is books that well we cant afford that is income support for ya! plese help us thanks for your time! by the way i am 14. 15 this sunday

Helen Griffiths, Treuddyn, North wales
As a Griffiths myself I thoroughly enjoyed watching the family. I have laughed ,cried awith them all the way through. It would be lovely to follow up the families post coal house. I loved the way you as a family welcomed Andrew into your home and made him feel so welcome. Thank you for a great programme it was so enjoyable to watch XXX

sophie, ammanford
well done kieran! and your family! you've been brill!!! well done love from sophie. in kieran form class. 7w x x x x x x x x

Darcie , Neath
hi im mandys niece darcie it has been so fun watching coal house i luv it thats all i ever talk about

What a fab family!!!

Ross, Neath
i have really enjoyed watched my aunty mandy and little cousins on coalhouse and i just can't wait to see you now. Kieran, Callum you are doing brilliantly at school and make sure no-one eats those rabbits. Aunty Mandy, i never knew you had a thieving side to you. You were honestly born to knit. I have watched every episode so far and we've recorded them so we'll have to chinease or indian takaway when you come out. Rose, how do you clean so much. I struggle just to clean my bedroom when my mother asks me !! And Howell. I think Mr. Blandford is being really unfair by only paying you for the amount of coal you dig. Anyway im really excited now and can't wait till tomorrow.P.S. For Kieran Liverpool are top. Yaaaaaaayyyyyy

Gemma, neath
hi im gemma,darcies (mandys niece) best friend all we talk about in school is coal house and i think that kieran is kinda cute so is callum mandy i think u r awesome and so funny darcies friend gemma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helen S, Cwmfelinfach
What a fantastic show for all ages! I must say how much I really enjoyed this series of Coal House at War. It was wonderful to see the children having so much fun and not having to worry about anything, just like the good old days!! One thing I would say is that the BBC needs to look at it repeating the same things every eposode, such at introducing the family and showing the same pictures this time. Once again fab programm, looking forward to next one!

Ria, Rhondda
As a vegetarian and animal lover i know what goes on behind the scenes with animal slaughter do we really need to see that on tv? It was graphic and barbaric and totally sickened me to watch scenes of this nature when other viewers take such offence at swearing etc on other tv shows. The idea of the show is good to experience life in Wartime Wales but there are probably children watching this and its not very nice for the children taking part in the project either.

Hannah, Neath
I Love Coal House. It's Amazingg ] I wish it could go on forever. The Griffithses are sooo funny! The Stars of the show have to be Rose and Mandy, your amazing. You looked after the evacuees sooo well, and they seemed like they was part of the family (just with English Accents!!) Kieran was so funny when he was taking the malt, yet i don't think i could have done it!! I'd lovee to do Coal House! You were my favourite family....... Da Iawn!!

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World War Two in Wales

WW2 coal mining

With evacuees and increased production in the coal mines, life was to change for many people.

Diary room

Diary room

Watch each cast member reveal their true feelings to the diary room camera.

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