The Griffithses

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The Griffiths family

The Griffiths family missed the little luxuries of the modern world.

Howell Griffiths (56)
is an ex-miner who now works as a driver

Rose Griffiths (55)
is a manager of a residential care home in Ammanford

Mandy Griffiths (34)
is the daughter-in-law of Howell and Rose, and works as a dental nurse

Kieran (11), Callum (9)

The Griffiths family are from Ammanford

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John Plumb, Garnant ( Amman Valley )
H & all the family.. Well done your doing the valley credit.. beats driving the lorry's and keeps you out of blakeys way for a few weeks. Think the choirs missing you though Pob hywl i ti John Nic & Megan

andrew griffiths, garnant(amman valley)
What a great first showing of the new series of the coal house at war.thoroughly enjoyed seeing my brother and the familly travelling back in time to the 1940`s without the help of the Dr.Who tardis!!!! The Griffiths family watched the premier of the second series in Clwb Rugby Cwmgors.The atmosphere was truly amazing.also a good excuse to have a few beers on a monday night!!! Howell,Rose,Mandy,Kieran and callum all done us proud and one of the highlights of the night was when Howell found his "POT PISIO." Rose and Mandy seemed to take to 40`s way of life with ease.Typical women,showing us all how its done with no fuss.Kiearan and Callum also seemed to be enjoying the 40`s way of life(apart from the malt extract and cod liver We send our regards to the Griffiths family and hope you enjoy your time back in the1940`s.We would also like to send our regards to the other two families in the coal house and hope that you all enjoy your life changing experience. Brawd howell.

Jo Griffiths, Gwaun Cae Gurwen
Oops I meant Cod Liver Oil. x

Geraint Smith, Cwmgors
Great seeing the Griffiths family on coal house last night and am glad Hywel likes his "Pot pisho". Looking forward to the rest of the series. Best wishes, Geraint, Gail, Cerys & Mared.

Jo Griffiths, Gwaun Cae Gurwen
I have just got back from watching the first episode at Cwmgors Club where we all gathered and watched in anticipation to see how the Griffiths' are coping and I have to say, they did us proud. It's going to be really interesting to see how the families gel and if they'll form a tight knit community in the hard times in which they 're living. I'm sure they'll all pull together and have a great time in the process. I'm missing Kieran and Callum loads and felt so sorry for them having to eat that horrible olive oil, bless em. Hopefully it'll make Kieran less fussy (but I doubt it) :o)Episode one was fantastic and looking forward to the other eleven now, can't wait for Wednesday's episode now. x

Tracey, Emily, Joe & Nia, Gwaun Cae Gurwen
We are sooooooo excited to watch Coal house at war.... We cannot wait!! We are even attending a Coal house night on monday at the local rugby club to watch the first episode on the big screen to support the Griffiths family from Gwaun Cae Gurwen. Everyone here in the village is really excited too...Roll on monday!!

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