The Griffithses

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The Griffiths family

The Griffiths family missed the little luxuries of the modern world.

Howell Griffiths (56)
is an ex-miner who now works as a driver

Rose Griffiths (55)
is a manager of a residential care home in Ammanford

Mandy Griffiths (34)
is the daughter-in-law of Howell and Rose, and works as a dental nurse

Kieran (11), Callum (9)

The Griffiths family are from Ammanford

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history fan,
Hywel and Rose remind me of what my childhood with my mum and dad was like. With Rose' approach to situations and her common-sense qualities are I think sadly lacking in most family units today. Some may call it fussiness but I believe they are standards. Hope you all get through the series Rose and Hywel.

fred davies, aberystwyth
re last night program 20 oct the familes were dancing to barbara ann that was not recorded by the beach boys until 1961 fred davies

, Raglan, South Wales
I love coalhouse and i would love to be in there shoes. I always watch it and I would give it a 10/10!

Alec , Gwaun Cae Gurwen
Orite Kieran its alec all the boys are loving watching you on coal house your awesome Man!!!! See you in school. Bye!!!

Really enjoying this series of the coal house especially with the Griffithis family, well done to them they seem to be enjoying the 1940's way of life. Kieran and Callum seem well happy! I hope mandy's husband is stocking up on soft toilet paper, he he he!!!! Looking forward for the next episodes love and best wishes Alison, Iwan ,Dewi & Megan.

Haiia Kieran hope you are enjoing Your so funny every one is talking about you in school!!! You are so lucky to be there write now because welsh is soooooooooooo boring :-(

mari.ff, Ceredigion
It's so great to see Coal House back again! We watch every episode and always make sure to wach on bbci-player if we miss one. We enjoyed the last series sooo much and have been waiting for it to come back for AGES! Such a good program, and just want to say a big thankyou and well done to all the families taking part! theyre doing so well! Keep going and keep smiling. Also like to say i hope this helps us remeber the huge effort that whent on in 1944 to help us survive! thanks again! lots of love! x

Susannah Down, Cambridgeshire
The Griffiths family are already my favourites. I think they are capturing the spirit of the time really well and seem like a lovely family. I found the bit when Rose had cleaned the neighbour's house really moving because that would be what happened back then. Everyone would have helped each other out. I also think that out of all the men, Howell is the most interesting to watch because of being an ex miner. I also love listening to them talking because of their lovely Welsh accents.

the arthurs, cwmbran
could not wait for this series and it is proving as good as previous one.4 generations watch the show and we have even gone to visit the houses and saw them being painted for this new seris. Rose is our favourite as she is such a positive and funny character especially thr clip with the washing machine-god help us if we had to wqsh clothes like that today, i would be there at christmas doing it.

Sharon, Tonna
Woohoo I am really enjoying Coal house.Wishing them luck for the rest of the programmes,I will be watching!!

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