The Evacuees

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The Evacuees

Andrew is happy to be back with his cat and computer games.

Rhea (15) from Bedfordshire.

Caleb (12) and his sister, Kia (11), from Cardiff.

Andrew (13) from Essex.

Roberta 'Bertie' (12), best friends with Leah (12), from Wiltshire.

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Beth, Swansea
Coal House At War was AMAZING!! It taught me loads and was so interesting!!! Well Done to all the family's you must of had some hard times!!!! I hope you do something like this again!!WELL DONE AGAIN!!!

Mike Ball, Port Talbot
I'd just like to thank Andrew for helping me connect with a part of my Dad's life that he was very fond of. He was from Kent and was evacuated to a village outside of Caerphilly, he always spoke of that time in his life with a lot of admiration for the people he stayed with and it was obviously a very happy time for him. My dad passed away in May this year and to see Andrew (who reminded me a lot of my Dad in character and in look as a young boy) living the evacuee's life, just as my Dad did, it was like watching my Dad as a young boy.

Caleb, cardiff
Hi id just like to say thank you for giving me a lovely experience in life!!!thank you fo ur support

Soph, Machynlleth
Well done to all the Evacuees it Must of been hard with out your Families Andrew My Mate Fancies yoou! x

Christine, Blaenavon
Andrew has been so nice to watch,he really seems to be enjoying the experience and is so pleasant.Good luck to the little man for the future.

Anonymous, UK
Well Done Caleb and Kia You are both so polite and well behaved your mum must be very proud xxx

Lucy , Cardiff
Well Done Caleb and Kia you have been amazing !! I dont know how you did it i wouldnt have been able to i bet you missed home you must have made your mum dad and Jay very proud WELL DONE AGAIN BOTH Lucy and Olivia xxxx

courtney , cardiff
coal house house back at war. is whicked

Ruby, Chippenham
Yess Bertie ! Your Gunna Be Great, Have Fun. So Jeleous You Get To Miss 3 Weeks Off School :( Cheer Comps Were Good :) Cya Soon x

kirsty, essex
andrew goes to my school and hes hilarious in this video!!!! I HATE TOMATOES!!! lol x

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Wales History

Evacuee children


Most of Wales was designated an official 'reception area' for evacuees.

Diary room

Diary room

Watch each cast member reveal their true feelings to the diary room camera.

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