The Bevin Boys

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The Bevin Boys

A return to coffee, church, computers (and more coffee) for Rory.

Rory Arnold (21) is from Banbury, Oxfordshire and currently works as a landscape gardener. He likes writing and performing acoustic music.

Charlie Thompson (19) lives in Gloucestershire. He is in his second year at university and attends church regularly.

Jac Williams (17) from Penarth, who is studying emergency services at Barry College and whose grandfather was a Bevin Boy in Llanbradach colliery.

Charlie Harris (19) is a performing arts student and lives near Swindon. He is Bertie's brother.

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carl, doncaster
I loved the show and really think it should be on every year the bevin boys were great

Bethan, Cardiff
Can i just say that Charlie Harris is very buff,, i love his eyes and me and my friends thinks he is dreammyy :) The bevern boys put a bit of excitement into coal house ta muchlyy ;) x

Karamarie Donovan , Rhymney gwent /Wales
i thought the boys were good looking and they were mint ;), you can tell that the boys found liveing in those days really easy to coupe with but when they had to go down the mines they did find it difficult but as long as there having fun they should get through anything together. Mainly i thought Jac was MINT ;) x

Courtney, uk
i really luv coal house i watch it every year it is on but this year has been the best year ever.I really like the bevan boys u all you helped out wif the children playing wif them,u helped out with things,but u had a rough start to the month didnt u,you r messy i can give u that but u settled dow in the end and I think u coped very well . luv u all bye x

Karamarie Donovan , Rhymney gwent /Wales
I though they found life there easy at times because they had alot of people helping them byt then when they had to go down the mines they found it a bit dificulte.But all round i think they jus had fun , but iff that was there real life right naw i don't think they would be having as much fun as they was there.

Mischa C, Wales
Hi Boys Bye Boys

tia & georgia, wales
Chaz is fab cool and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicoleeeee, banburyy
wayyyyy go rory x x

tia & misha, wales/blanavon

mark thompson, glos
Congratulations on a great series - our Bevin Boy Charlie T is now feeling withdrawal symptons after returning home - he is missing the other boys and families and wants to give up Uni to become a miner ! Watching the families come out on the set on Friday was very moving and we all shed a tear at the closing moments of the last programme! More Coal House please!

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