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Air Raid Warden

Ron Dando, who played the ARP Warden on Coal House at War, has a special connection with Stack Square.


Watching Coal House at War

Coal House at War is currently being shown on BBC Four on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

You can also watch each episode again on BBC iPlayer. Go to the Episodes section of the site for further information.

User Comments

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val, Blanavon

Val, Blaenavon
I love the coal House at war as much as the first one. It was all i looked fourward too on a monday , wednesday and a friday. It is one of the best program the BBC has made.

Iris Dacre, Bethesda
Excellent series, enjoyed both, at the end of the first series the families met up in a studio to discuss their experience, did this happen this time? I work nights so had to record the programmes and am really disappointed if I've missed seeing the families back in 2008. Looking forward to the next series, well done everyone!

Ray Lloyd, North Cornelly
Thought Dance House 1944, shown on BBC Wales last evening a lovely programme, so good to see peoples experiences viewed, these were real. I had mailed previously to express mine and my Wifes disappointment with "Coal House at War", this programme was the opposite we thought it to be excellent, and brought back memories of our time after the war at dance halls jiving, up to the advent of Rock and Roll, we were a little too young to go to dance halls until the late 1940s. Regards. Ray Lloyd.

Tracey , Gwaun Cae Gurwen
Monday night was a sad night in our house as there was no more Coal House on the tv!! My children and are I are missing watching it even though it is nice to have our family (The Griffithses) home I think they should return to Stack Square to entertain us as there is nothing else worth watching on the box!!...Not sure if they would agree with me mind!!! We had a fantastic day on friday cheeering our families out of Stack Square...How very proud we were of them all. We cried watching the last series as it was so touching to hear all the families saying that they would miss the 1940's. Please keep posting un-seen footage and Diary room clips on the website as we would love to see more. Will these clips that are on the website be added to the DVD when it is released for sale as my 3 year old daughter loves listening to little Lara singing in the diary room. Many thanks, Tracey xx

Paul Islwyn Thomas, Executive Producer, Coal House at War :

The DVD of Coal House at War will be released in December, and I'm pleased to say that we will be including all the website clips too.

tecwyn , blaina gwent
excellent prg!!

Anne Hallas, Leeds
I have enjoyed watching this series every bit as much as the previous one. I admire the way all the participants made the best of the conditions and events. I appreciate being able to watch on the computer when the TV has been otherwise engaged and will certainly watch it again when it comes round to the BBC where I live. I found it quite emotional when the families were packing to leave and I'm sure they will all remember the experience forever. It shows is all, I think, how hard times were on the home front and how it coloured the lives of the people who lived through it .

Mark Anthony Craig, Wirral, UK
Another great series, even better than the first Coal House. Shame that the rest of the BBC network won't be screening it nationally until xmas or next year. This is much better than the rest of the prime-time drivel on BBC1 most evenings. But can the production team come up trumps for a third time? This type of programme works so well on so many levels, so why not try a third seres.? How about the Coal House in the 1970s - power cuts, miners' strikes, etc. Or - why not use the houses and try something other than coalmining? How about 1935 - and the inhabitants being farm labourers supporting their families. It would be interesting to look at farming techniques and lifestyles from an era very different to today. If they do make another series, my 11 year old daughter wants to be in it. That means I'd have to offer myself as a victim to take part too. The prospect of all those early mornings makes me feel like pulling the quilt back above my brow already :-)

Humphreys family, Cefn Mawr Wrexham
Best TV programme by a country mile!Me & the kids broke our hearts watching the final episodes and would love to get it on DVD.We hope you can somehow find a period of time in our history to make a third series.We loved all the characters but Andrew was our favourite!

Andrew, Wattsville, Gwent Valleys
Thank you for the best and most enjoyable series of programmes to be shown on television for a long time.

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World War Two in Wales

WW2 coal mining

With evacuees and increased production in the coal mines, life was to change for many people.

Diary room

Diary room

Watch each cast member reveal their true feelings to the diary room camera.

Series one

The first families were sent back to the south Wales coalfield of the 1920s.

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