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Air Raid Warden

Ron Dando, who played the ARP Warden on Coal House at War, has a special connection with Stack Square.


Watching Coal House at War

Coal House at War is currently being shown on BBC Four on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

You can also watch each episode again on BBC iPlayer. Go to the Episodes section of the site for further information.

User Comments

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maisie tranter -davies, wales
well i went on coal house at war and the experiance was fantastic and all my friends are saying they would never do it and i say you wouldnt say that if you actully went on it. as i was saying it was fantastic and we all had a taste of what war was like.lost of people are asking us if we will go back and all the Tranter - Davies's are saying they'll all go back tommorow

Susan, Berkshire
Congratulations to all involved - I was riveted, Tuesday evenings will not be the same! I'd love to know if Rory and Annie are still "friends?!"

I wish I could get your programs here in shropshire as I think there are well above the ones we when we are in wales we watch most of the programs. I have to watch them on computer which is not the same as a large screen.

barry moore, stoke-on-trent
i have watched every episode so far absolutely fabulous lets you know how are country coped with life during the war and a small insight of how families lived hope this series is released to dvd for my mother who lived in egam near london during the war my grandmother ran a cafe there and my mother always told me how hard it was but never forgot the wonderful taste of powdered eggs i think she would love this series

Mary Lane, London
What a fabulous series! I have loved watching every episode, gathering a very strong sense of what it was like to live during WWII. I now have an even greater appreciation for all the stories my mother has told me over the years about being a child growing up during this time. I just wish I could buy the series on DVD to send back to her in New Zealand!

Howard Bines, London
Coail House at War is an excellent series and shows a world that many people would not necessarily wish to live in but it also shows how quickly those so called 'traditional' and plain values take over when life's luxuries are fewer. Well done to all of those who cast themselves away in Stack Square for entering into the spirit. I would certainly like to see the series repeated perhaps on BBC2 and even for a DVD of the series. A really good idea and maybe another series of a different era could be thought about.

Robin West, Essex
Excellent program, as was the 1st editiom. very educational and eye opener, they should do another period... and should be repeated on BBC1 or 2..

Peter J. Miller, Oxted, Surrey
Absolutely fascinating! All the previous generation of my family were involved in WWII: My Father being Glider Pilot, and my Mother being a firewatcher. I grew-up with tales of this remarkable period of history. But, the presentation of this series really brings home the hard daily life of those people that were at the root of producing the vital war material, day in and day out for year after dreary year. Lets hope more programs of this type are made, while eye witnesses can provide firsthand accounts.

Jennie Osborne, West Sussex
Welsh living in England through work etc. but would move back home tomorrow if I could. Think the series is absolutely brilliant - my favourite thing on the box at the moment. Just wish the episodes were longer. 30 minutes is too short! Everyone connected with this programme is to be congratulated. Absolutely first class. There should be much more publicity about it on the Beeb outside of Wales. I only stumbled across it by chance.

John Fitzgerald, Wrexham County Borough
I am an Englishman now living in North Wales and have watched Coal House at war with great interest as I have my own memories of the later war years, being a young child and living with parents in South East London at the time. I think my time as an evacuee was easier than that portrayed in the series because my time away from London was spent with grandparents in County Durham, also a mining area incidentally. So, thank you for a very interesting and informative series. Maybe the BBC could be persuaded to run a similar series set in other parts of the U.K. or at least rerun Coal House in the other BBC Regions. With Best Regards John Fitzgerald

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