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Turkey soup recipe

Mrs Beeton's recipe for turkey soup, which was popular in Wales at the turn of the last century.

Last updated: 10 November 2009

Turkey soup: Mrs Beeton's Recipe Number 188


2 quarts of medium stock No. 105 (see below)
Remains of a cold roast turkey
2 oz of rice-flour or arrowroot
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoonful of Harvey's sauce or mushroom ketchup.

Cut up the turkey in small pieces, and put it in the stock; let it simmer slowly until the bones are quite clean. Take the bones out, and work the soup through a sieve; when cool, skim well.

Mix the rice-flour or arrowroot to a batter with a little of the soup; add it with the seasoning and sauce, or ketchup. Give one boil, and serve.

Time: 4 hours.
Sufficient for 8 persons.

Medium stock (Mrs Beeton's Recipe Number 105)

4 lbs of shin of beef, or 4 lbs of knuckle of veal, or 2 lbs of each
Any bones, trimmings of poultry, or fresh meat
½ lb of lean bacon or ham
2 oz of butter
2 large onions each stuck with 3 cloves
1 turnip
3 carrots
½ a leek
1 head of celery
2 oz of salt
A teaspoonful of whole pepper
1 large blade of mace
1 small bunch of savoury herbs
4 quarts and ½ pint of cold water

Cut up the meat and bacon or ham into pieces about three inches square; rub the butter on the bottom of the stewpan; put in ½ a pint of water, the meat, and all the other ingredients.

Cover the stewpan, and place it on a sharp fire, occasionally stirring its contents. When the bottom of the pan becomes covered with a pale, jelly-like substance, add 4 quarts of cold water, and simmer very gently for 5 hours. Do not let it boil quickly.

Skim off every particle of grease whilst it is doing, and strain it through a fine hair sieve. This is the basis of many of the soups afterwards mentioned, and will be found quite strong enough for ordinary purposes.

Time: 5 hours.


Addurniadau Nadolig

Arferion y Nadolig

Hanes y canu Plygain, gwneud cyflaith a hela dryw, rhai o hen arferion y Cymry.

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