Taffy, or Everton toffee

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This was a popular Christmas treat in Wales at the turn of the last century.

Last updated: 10 November 2009

Everton toffee: Mrs Beeton's Recipe Number 1597


1 lb of powdered loaf sugar
1 teacupful of water
¼ lb of butter
6 drops of essence of lemon

Put the water and sugar into a brass pan, and beat the butter to a cream. When the sugar is dissolved, add the butter and keep stirring the mixture over the fire until it sets, when a little is poured on to a buttered dish; and just before the toffee is done, add the essence of lemon.

Butter a dish or tin, pour on it the mixture, and when cool, it will easily separate from the dish.

Butter-Scotch, an excellent thing for coughs, is made with brown, instead of white sugar, omitting the water, and flavoured with ½oz. of powdered ginger. It is made in the same manner as toffee.

Time: 18 to 35 minutes.

Sufficient to make 1lb of toffee.


Addurniadau Nadolig

Arferion y Nadolig

Hanes y canu Plygain, gwneud cyflaith a hela dryw, rhai o hen arferion y Cymry.

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