Christmas recipes

Photograph of baubles

Here's a selection of Christmas recipes by Mrs Beeton (1836-1865) which were popular in Wales at the turn of the last century.

Last updated: 10 November 2009

The original domestic goddess was born Isabella Mary Mayson, though became best known as Mrs Beeton. She became the best-known cooking writer in British history and helped write and edit the famed Mrs Beeton's Book Of Household Management, which established her as a household name for generations.

The book was an invaluable guide for the efficient running of the Victorian household. With information and advice on everything from fashion and medicine to raising children and keeping domestic servants in check. But recipes took up the bulk of the pages, illustrated with coloured engravings.

There were a number of Christmas recipes in the book. Here is a selection of dishes which became popular in Wales at the time and in time to come.


Addurniadau Nadolig

Arferion y Nadolig

Hanes y canu Plygain, gwneud cyflaith a hela dryw, rhai o hen arferion y Cymry.

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