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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

Original Catchphrase

Cam ymlaen

The Lloyds

Dyma'r Newyddion


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lesson, gwers
1.0 Responses to statements Downloads
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Language Lesson
jennyWeek 40 At the memorial service for Dic Allen Jenny Saunders' mobile phone rings. But who's calling her?
Key language

Responses to statements; Pryd/Pan; Rhywle/Rhywbryd/Rhywfaint etc.

New words

Angori, Sâl, Gwahaniaeth, Gollwng, Hyd yn oed, Harbwr, Crefft, ynddo'i hunan, Cynnal a chadw, Doniol, Defnyddio, Y rhan fwyaf, Rheswm, Ymwelwyr, Nefoedd, Cysur, Dibrofiad, Lleol, Blas, Drud, Cyfaddef, Dychmygu, Amheuaeth, Yn bendant, Echdoe, Fiw i mi, Syniad, Pwyllo, Brwd, Yn y fan a'r lle, Y cyfan, Cael gwared, Dichwaeth, Ymateb, Cyfle, Ymddiheuriadau, Maddeuwch i mi, Rhannu, Atgofion, Ymroddedig.

Episode 118
Arwyn and Brian are down at the harbour discussing the finer points of sailing. Agnes and Jenny discuss the visit to Dic Allen's flat.

Episode 119
Agnes tells her husband to forget the idea of buying Arwyn Saunders' boat. Arwyn and Jenny and later Agnes discuss the appropriateness of selling the boat. Jenny feels that nothing should be done before the memorial service for Dic Allen.

Episode 120
Brian Rees is at Wendy's flat where he tells her that he has bought the boat for her and the baby. At the memorial service for Dic Allen Jenny Saunders' mobile phone rings. But who's calling her?

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