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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - week45

Week 45 - Main grammatical points
An important word that features regularly in conversation is eisiau written

E-I-S-I-A-U to want

You will have noticed I'm sure that its pronunciation however varies from character to character.

Eisiau can convey two meanings:
Dw i eisiau I want or
Mae eisau arna i I need or as in the following construction
Mae eisiau hefo
Brian says Mae ishio amynedd hefo plant weithiau.
One needs patience with children

Ishio is the form in North Wales for eisiau

Agnes says: Dim môr forwyn mae hi ishie
Ishe is the form often heard in south Wales.

A more common form youll hear in south Wales for to want is moyn.Dwi'n moyn mynd I want to go

Words conveying time feature prominently in this week's episodes

Stopia eiliad nawr Stop a second now is what Brian says to Agnes at the supermarket.

Eiliad is a second eiliadau - seconds

He could of course have said
Aros funud wait a minute is an expression that you will also hear.

Dydd is the word for day as in dydd Sul, dydd Llun etc.

Dyddiau is the plural form

Another word you might hear is diwrnod or diwrnodau

These forms are generally used when days are not mentioned for example

Roeddwn i'n siarad ag e y diwrnod or blaen
I was talking to him the other day.
Wythnos is a week and wythnosau weeks

Note the form pythefnos a fortnight
Rhodri says Dydyn ni ddim wedi gwneud dim byd ond ymarfer canu ers pythefnos
We haven't done anything but practice singing for a fortnight.

There are a few different forms in Welsh to convey the word year or years.

When referring to someone's age the form is blwydd or mlwydd

Tair blwydd oed
Pum mlwydd oed
A year is blwyddyn and the plural forms are blynedd or blynyddoedd

Arwyn says: ar ôl blynyddoedd o briodas after years of marriage

Ers meitynNote also that Brian says Mae Rhodri a fi yma ers meitynErs meityn means for a while or for some time.


Degawd is a decade degawdau - decades
Canrif a century - canrifoedd centuries

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