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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - week40

Week 40 - Main grammatical points
Responses to statements

In Welsh as in English we often make statements which can or can not be responded to. In Welsh however the Yes or No form depends on the person and tense of the verb.

Arwyn says:

Mae eitha criw yma - There's quite a crowd here

And Agnes responds - Oes yes there is

The best way to find out what the yes response is is to change the statement into a question

Mae criw yma - There's a crowd here
Question form
Is there a crowd here - Oes criw yma
Answer Oes or Nac oes

Look at the following examples:

Mae hi'n braf - It's fine
Question form would be
Is it fine - Ydy hi'n braf?

Answer Ydy or Nac ydy

Maen nhw'n hwyr - They're late - Ydyn nhw'n hwyr

Answer Ydyn or Nac ydyn

Other responses follow the same pattern

Roedd hi'n stormus - Oedd
Byddi di'n siwr o'i adnabod - Bydda
Welais i ti yn y gêm - Do
Note however that the response to all emphatic sentences is Ie or Nage

Yn y ty wyt ti - Ie
Gareth wyt ti - Nage


You will have noted that there are two ways of translating the word 'when' in Welsh.

Wendy asks Brian
Pryd ydw i'n dy weld ti to? - When will I see you again

Brian says
pan ddaw o neu hi - when he or she comes

The general rule is that pryd is used as a question form and pan is used with a statement

Here are some more examples
Pryd ydych chi'n cael eich pen-blwydd?
Pryd mae'r gêm?
Pryd wyt ti'n codi?

Pan fyddwch chi'n dod i'r dref, galwch i'n gweld i
Dw i yn ei gofio fe pan oedd e yn yr ysgol
Pan oeddwn i ar fy ngwyliau, fe ges i ddamwain

Rhywle/Rhywbryd/Rhywfaint etc.

Rhyw meaning some is an important little word in Welsh and it's to be found preceding words such as lle, un, pryd, sut, maint.

Rhywle - somewhere
Rhywbryd - sometime
Rhywsut - somehow
Rhywun - someone
Rhywfaint - some amount

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