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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - week39

Week 39 - Main grammatical points

Brian after filling Arwyn's car with petrol asked for:

Pedwar deg punt a saith deg pum ceiniog os gwelwch yn dda.

Firstly the ceiniog - pence element.

Ceiniog is feminine so the feminine forms dwy, tair, and pedair must be used:

dwy geiniog
tair ceiniog
pedair ceiniog

Note that the final p of pump is omitted before a noun so it's pum ceiniog or pum punt

Similarly the final ch is omitted from chwech in front of nouns and is followed by the aspirate mutation so it's chwe cheiniog and chwe phunt

Punt is also a feminine noun and therefore take the feminine forms of two three and four

Dwy bunt
Tair punt
and pedair punt
Cant is masculine so we say

Dau gant
Tri chant
Pedwar cant

We can add the word pounds either by adding the singular form punt or the plural form o bunnau

Note that with the singular form cant becomes can

Dau gan punt or dau gant o bunnau
Tri chan punt or tri chant o bunnau

After mil - a thousand o - bunnau is always used

mil o bunnau
dwy fil o bunnau
pum mil o bunnau

Na... na... na...

Agnes says - does dim tân gwyllt na choelcerth na bangers na dim i fod yn agos i ardd ty ni eleni.

In this sentence na is used three times to emphasise the negative form or or nor.

Na is followed by the aspirate mutation.

Na choelcerth or a bonfire.


Arwyn asks: Oes gwir ddiddordeb da chi? Gwir/hen/unig

Most adjectives in Welsh come after the noun for example bachgen mawr or merch hapus.

Gwir is one of the adjectives that can come before or after the noun.

Gwir ddiddordeb means - real interest

After the noun it means ateb gwir - correct answer

Other examples are hen - before the noun hen ddyn old man dyn hen an elderly man
Unig ferch - only girl - merch unig - lonely girl.

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