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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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Cam ymlaen

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - week38

Week 38 - Main grammatical points

Gwell i fi

Brian says to Agnes over the phone: Gwell i fi fynd

Gwell i fi - I'd better

Note the full pattern

Gwell i fi
Gwell i ti
Gwell i Rhodri
Gwell iddo fe or Gwell iddo fo
Gwell iddi hi
Gwell i ni
Gwell i chi
Gwell iddyn nhw

Don't confuse this pattern with Mae'n well da fi or Mae'n well gen i which means I prefer.

Mae'n well da fi ddarllen
I prefer reading

Basai'n well da fi or Basai'n well gen i means I would prefer

Basai'n well da fi fynd ar y trênI would prefer to go on the train


Let's look at the forms efallai perhaps and er - although. They are both followed by the same construction.

With the present tense bod is used

Efallai bod yn rhaid imi werthu'r cwch
Perhaps Ill have to sell the boat

Efallai fy mod i'n dwp.
Perhaps I'm stupid.

Er ei bod hi'n dawel mae hi'n boblogaidd iawn.
Although she's quiet, she's very popular

Er ei fod yn hen mae e'n dal i ymarfer.
Although he's old he still exercises.

With past tenses bod wedi follows efallai and er

Efallai fy mod i wedi anghofio
Perhaps I'd forgotten

Er fy mod i wedi ffonio'n aml doedd dim ateb
Although I have phoned often there was no answer.

Note however that when 'efallai' or er is followed by an emphatic
sentence the construction mai or in south Wales taw is used.

Efallai mai gwerthu fyddai orau or Efallai taw gwerthu fyddai orau.
Perhaps that selling would be best.

Er mai dim ond deuddeg oed ydy hi or Er taw dim ond deuddeg oed ydy hi
Although she's only twelve years of age.


In Welsh the definite article - the is always used.

yr ysbyty
yr ysgol
y gwely

This is not always the case in English.
Mae e yn yr ysbyty is what we say in Welsh whereas in English the article is omitted
He's in hospital

Mynd i'r gwely
To go to bed

Dod o'r ysgol - to come from school

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