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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - Week23

Week 23 - Main grammatical points

Comparison of adjectives

The comparative form of the adjective, in English: more something than, or something ier or than, is fomed in Welsh in one of two ways.

Firstly, by placing mwy before the adjective followed by â, for example

Mwy cynnar na - earlier than
Mwy anodd na - harder than
Mwy pwysig na - more important than
Mwy diweddar na - later than
Mwy cynnar na - earlier than

You will also hear forms that convey the same meanings but are formed by adding ach to the end of the adjective.

Ifancach na - younger than
Diweddarach na later than
Anoddach na - more difficult than
Prysurach na - busier than
Cyflymach na - faster than

Note that in certain words, when the short form is used, there are certain other letter changes, for example, pwysig becomes pwysicach na, cynnar becomes cynharach na

We have already come across the forms gwell - better, gwaeth - worse, llai - smaller.

Here are some more irregular forms:

Agos - near; Nes - nearer
Hawdd - easy; Haws - easier
Jenny uses haws when referring to her swimming - haws o lawer

Hen - old hŷn - older
in speech you will also hear henach

Uchel - high; uwch - higher
Isel - low; is - lower

I'm afraid

There are a number of ways of saying I'm afraid

Mae gen i ofn
Mae arna i ofn are commonly used in North Wales

Mae ofn 'da fi
Or dw i ofn is also commonly heard

Er mwyn

Er mwyn can mean 'in order to'

Dw i'n mynd er mwyn prynu car newydd
I'm going in order to buy a new car.
When used with a pronoun, its meaning is little different - 'for the sake of' or 'for someone's sake':

Brian says: er dy fwyn di a'r plant -for your sake and the children's sake

The full forms are
er fy mwyn i
er dy fwyn di
er ei fwyn e/o
er ei mwyn hi
er ein mwyn ni
er eich mwyn chi
er eu mwyn nhw

And finally some words and phrases that appear in the episodes:

Argraff - impression
Cad dy gelwydd (SW) - you're lying
Bron â bod - nearly
Arogl - smell
Amynedd - patience
Yn bendant - definitely
Doeth - wise
Amrywio - to vary
Amheuon - doubts

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