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21 April 2014
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Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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Cam ymlaen

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Dyma'r Newyddion


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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - Week22

Week 22 - Main grammatical points

There are two ways of asking How many?

Faint o

Faint o blant sy gyda chi? - How many children have you got?Faint o bobl oedd yn y gêm? - How many people were at the match?
Faint o docynnau fyddwch chi'n brynu? - How many tickets will you be buying?
Faint o geir weloch chi ? - How many cars did you see?

You will note that Faint o is followed each time by the plural form of the noun

Faint o blant - plant - plural of plentyn child/children
Or Faint o geir - ceir - plural of car

To use this construction you must be sure of the plural forms of nouns

Sawl is the other form of the question - How many

Sawl brawd sy gyda chi
Sawl tocyn fyddwch chi'n brynu

Sawl always takes the singular form of the verb

A little word that crops up often in conversation is rhy meaning too

Jenny says - Roedd hi'n rhy sâl i siarad hefo fi - She was too ill to talk to me.

Note that rhy is followed by the soft mutation

Rhy brysur
Rhy fach
Rhy gynnar
Rhy dawel

Note that Ll and Rh do not mutate after rhy.

Rhy llawn - too full
Rhy rhwydd - too easy

One note of caution

Too much is gormod - rhy gormod is a common mistake among Welsh learners

Dw i wedi bwyta gormod.

Note the pronoun that follows dianc - to escape is dianc rhag - to escape from

Does dim dianc rhag y ffliw yma
There's no escaping from this flu

Does dim dianc rhagddo fe
Theres no escaping from it

Here are some vocabulary and phrases:
Ar wastad ei chefn - Flat out on her back
Cyfansoddiad - constitution
Gwneud fy ngorau glas - to do my very best
Dim mwy, dim llai - no more, no less
Cam mawr - a great wrong
Gwneud iawn am - to make up for

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