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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - Week 15

Week 15 - Main grammatical points

Perfect tense - Rydw i wedi

Note Welsh for the verb form has or have been - wedi bod

Dw i wedi bod - I have been
Rwyt ti wedi bod - You've been
Mae e/o wedi bod - He's been
Mae hi wedi bod - She's been
Rydyn ni wedi bod - We've been
Rydych chi wedi bod - You've been
Maen nhw wedi bod - They've been

Wedi bod is followed by 'yn' and a verb noun, for example

Jenny says 'Wyt ti'n meddwl bod Brian wedi bod yn cael affêr?' -Do you think Brian's been having an affair?

You would expect the answer to the question form Wyt ti wedi? to be Ydw or Nac ydw. For example - Wyt wedi cael cinio? - Ydw or Nac ydw

However don't be surprised if you hear some people responding with the answer 'Do' or 'Naddo'. This is quite common in colloquial Welsh.

Wyt ti wedi gorffen? - Do

Wyt ti wedi bod? - Naddo

Dod â/Mynd â

Dod and mynd are two very common verbs - Dod - to come - Mynd - to go

However when they are followed by 'â' they take different meanings

'Mynd â' means 'to take' - to take someone or something somewhere

Dw i'n mynd â'r car i'r garej - I'm taking the car to the garage

'Dod â' means 'to bring'

Tyrd â'r papur yna yma - Bring that paper here.

Comparison of Adjectives - Da/Drwg

Da and drwg are very common adjectives. However in their comparative forms they are irregular

Cystal - as good as or so good
Dydy e ddim cystal - He's not so good
Dydy e ddim cystal â'i frawd - He's not as good as his brother
Gwell - better
Wyt ti'n well? - Are you better?

Gorau - The best

Hi yw'r gorau - She's the best

Note that gorau is used in an emphatic sentence

Drwg - bad
Cynddrwg or Mor ddrwg - As bad as or so bad
Doedden nhw ddim cynddrwg â hynny - They weren't as bad as that
Mae e/o mor dddrwg - He's so bad
Gwaeth- worse
Mae e'n waeth - He's worse
Gwaetha - The worst
Nhw yw'r gwaetha - They're the worst

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