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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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Cam ymlaen

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - Week 8

Week 8 - Main grammatical points

Remember Dylwn i? I ought to or I should

Wel, Gallwn i works in the same way. Here are the full forms:

Gallwn i - I could
Gallet ti - You could
Gallai e/hi - He/She could
Gallen ni - We could
Gallech chi - You could
Gallen nhw - they could

Do you remember Galla i - I can? - galla i, galli di, gallai e/hi, gallwn ni, gallwch chi, gallan nhw
Alla i ddim credu'r peth - I can't believe it
Alli di ddim troi'r cloc nôl - you cant turn the clock back

Ti sy'n gyfrifol am hyn says Arwyn (you are responsible for this) Ti syn gyfrifol am hyn.

Ti o'dd yn gyrrur car na noson y ddamwen, is Dic's response. (It was you that was driving that car on the night of the accident).

In emphatic statements like these, the noun or pronoun comes before rather than after the verb. Ro't ti'n gyrru'r car - then becomes - ti o'dd yn gyrru'r car.

In this exchange notice that Nage and Ie are used in response to emphatic statements - remember that these are the answers when no verb appears at the beginning of a question for example:

Siân dych chi? - Ie.
Cymraes dych chi? - Ie.
Dych chi'n byw yn Abertawe? - Nac ydw.

Look out for the phrase - ar fy mhen fy hun - on my own.

Dw isio bod ar fy mhen fy hun - I want to be on my own

Ar (fy) mhen (fy) hun
Ar dy ben dy hun
Ar ei phen ei hun
Ar ei ben ei hun
Ar ein pennau ein hunain
Ar eich pennau eich hunain
Ar eu pennau u hunain.

Useful words and phrases:

Poblogaidd - popular
O ddifri - seriously
Hollol o ddifri - deadly serious
Cefndir - background
Maddau - to forgive
Bant - South Wales form for i ffwrdd - away
Cydwybod - conscience
Cydymdeimlo - to sympathise
O ddifri? - Seriously? - O ddifri?
Sylweddoli - to realise
Dim siw na miw - not a murmur

Mae'r achos wedi mynd i'r gwellt; literally, the case has gone to the hay! Mae'r achos wedi mynd i'r gwellt - The case has collapsed.

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