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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

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Cam ymlaen

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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - Week 3

Week 3 - Main grammatical points

Pronoun Objects

You have come across phrases like y 'mrawd i, dy chwaer di.

You will find that these pronouns can also come before verbs.

Mae e'n y ngweld i - He sees ME
Mae hi'n dy hoffi di - She likes YOU
Dyn ni'n ei nabod hi - We know HER
Ti'n ei gofio fo - You remember HIM
Dach chi'n ein gwahodd ni - You are inviting US
Dwi wedi'ch clywed chi - I've heard you
'Da ni wedi ei prynu nhw - We've bought them.

An important pronunciation point about these pronouns
We have already seen that Fy becomes 'y - y ngweld i

Ei is pronounced as i - i frawd o
Ein as yn - yn ty ni
Eich as ych - ych gweld chi
Ein as yn - yn teulu ni
Eu as i - i clywed nhw

Dramatic verb - Dyma

You have probably come across Dyma as meaning - here's. Dyma'r llaeth - here's the milk.

It does serve another important function when someone is reporting about a successsion of usually exciting events conveying the past tense in English.

Ro'n i'n gwybod o'r ffordd roedd o'n edrych arna i... A dyma fi'n dweud achos dy fod di wedi blino... A dyma fo'n mynd yn ôl dros y ddamwain.

I knew from the way he was looking at me... and I said because you were tired and he went back over the accident.

Note that dyma comes at the beginning of a clause and is followed by a noun or a pronoun.


An important little word for you to note - MOR.
When MOR comes in front of adjectives it means SO

Roedd e'n cerdded MOR gyflym.
He was walking SO quickly.

Beth sy MOR ddoniol?
What's so funny?

MOR is followed by the Soft mutation.

Words ending in... au

Many words in Welsh end in - AU as in esgidiau.

In conversational Welsh you will notice that the au is generally pronounced - E in South Wales
Cadeirie - chairs.

In North Wales AU is generally pronounced as A - Cadeiria

Useful expressions

Gan bwyll - Steady on

Yn ara bach - Slowly

Chwyrnu fel mochyn - To snore like a pig

Celwydd, celwydd noeth - A lie, a bare faced lie

Alla i ddim peidio poeni - I can't help but worry

Wedi cael llond bol - Had enough - literally - had a guts full

Dwad is the North Wales form for dod - to come
Ydy o'n dwad yma heno?
Is he coming here tonight?

Dallt is the North Wales form for deall - to understand

Yn gwmws - in South Wales means exactly.
The form in North Wales is yn hollol.

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