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16 October 2014
Ysbyty BrynaberCatchphrase

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Ysbyty Brynaber

Original Catchphrase

Cam ymlaen

The Lloyds

Dyma'r Newyddion


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BBC - Catchphrase - Ysbyty Brynaber - Week 1

Week 1 - Main grammatical points

Expressing the possessive - gan and gyda with a definite noun.

YDY'R pasports da ti? - Have you got THE passports?

MAE'R pasports da fi - I've got THE passports.

In North Wales the construction is slightly different -
Mae'r pasports gen i or - Ydy'r pasports gen ti?

gen i
gen ti
ganddo fo
ganddi hi
gynnon ni
gynnoch chi
ganddyn nhw

These are the most common forms that you will hear.

Possessive pronoun Fy - My

A form that is slightly different in spoken Welsh to its written form is FY, the MY form.

You have probably been taught the form fy - fy nghar - my car. You will notice that the fy form is hardly ever heard in everyday spoken Welsh. Fy nghar is pronounced as yng nghar i, fy mhoced i - my pocket.

The fy disappears but the nasal mutation remains.

In front of words that do not take the nasal mutation the fy becomes yn - yn afal i, yn llyfr i.


As you probably know, newydd as an adjective means new - car newydd - a new car

But when newydd comes before a verb-noun it means - just.

Dw i newydd roi tri deg ceiniog yn y peiriant - I've just put thirty pence in the machine.

Dw i newydd orffen - I've just finished.

Dw i newydd ei gweld hi - I've just seen her.

Mae hi newydd dwlu lan - She's just been sick.

Notice that newydd is followed by the soft mutation.

Ar Fai

Fi sydd ar fai - It's my fault

Ti oedd ar fai - It was your fault

Useful Expressions

Mynd yn llai - Getting smaller

Dwi bron yn siwr - I'm nearly sure

Mae gen i gur pen (North Wales) I have a headache.
Mae pen tost da fi (South Wales) I have a headache.

Peidiwch becso is the South Wales equivalent of Peidiwch â phoeni don't worry

Tymer ddrwg - bad temper

Yn grac - annoyed (South Wales)
Yn flin in North Wales

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