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29 October 2014
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1.0Helo. Shw mae?Downloads
1.1 Introductions
1.2 Letting people know where you're going
1.3 How to ask people where they're going
1.4 'You' in Welsh. When to use 'ti' and when to use 'chi'
1.5 'Good afternoon'. To the pub...
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The Lloyds | Lesson: 1 | Level: Choose

1.1 - Introductions

Croeso! Welcome. Croeso i Catchphrase 2000 - the brand new way to learn Welsh in easy stages. We'll be building each day on what you've already learnt.

You'll learn at a manageable, steady pace by eavesdropping on our family, the Lloyds - Catrin, Guto, their 16 year old son Rhys, and baby Llinos.

As the Lloyds get on with their ordinary, everyday life, Catchphrase, The Lloyds, guides you through the normal, day-to-day Welsh that they use.

OK - let's meet the Lloyds. Guto works in an office in the town centre, while his wife Catrin is a teacher. But she's on maternity leave at the moment with their new daughter Llinos. Their son Rhys is 16 and in his final year in the Ysgol Gyfun - the high school.

Listen as they introduce themselves. The two key phrases to listen out for are:
Shw mae - an informal way of greeting someone - Shw mae and 'dw i - I am - 'dw i.
Shw mae! Alwena 'dw i. In Welsh, we put the name first - Alwena 'dw i - I'm Alwena.

Catrin - Shw mae? Catrin 'dw i.
Guto - Shw mae? Guto 'dw i.
Rhys - Uuh. Shw mae? Rhys 'dw i.
Llinos - (moans)

Baby Llinos. She looks sweet - but at three months old, she can still be a terror at night as Catrin and Guto will tell you.

Over the next few weeks, you'll meet more members of the Lloyd family, their friends, neighbours and colleagues. In fact, in the next session you'll meet Bethan, who's just started working for the same company as Guto.

Try saying Shw mae to as many people you can during the rest of today. Start practising straight away! By the end of this week you'll have started to build up a whole new vocabulary...

Listen to this dialogue Listen to this dialogue

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