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16 October 2014

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Eisteddfod guide brought to you by Catchphrase

What are the week's highlights?

First Saturday
Brass band
competitions are held throughout the morning on the main Pavilion stage.

There's normally a spectacular concert in the Pavilion in the evening.

The Crowning of the Bard ceremony takes place in the Pavilion in the afternoon in the presence of the Gorsedd of the bards members, its leader, the Archdruid and other Celtic respresentatives. A flower dance will follow the ceremony to honour the winning free verse bard. (for more information see: What does chairing/crowning mean?).

Another day of competition in the Pavilion with a concert at night.

In the Pavilion in the afternoon: the Prose Medal Ceremony is the second of the Gorsedd Ceremonies held at the Eisteddfod.

Competitions carry on into the night, including the Richard Burton Memorial Prize, Step Dance, musical song ensemble and the W. Towyn Roberts scholarship for young Welsh singers.

In the Pavilion in the afternoon: Seremoni Croesawu Cymru a'r Byd. Welcoming the return of the Welsh from around the world to the Eisteddfod. The ceremony was first held in 1948 after the Second World War for Welshmen serving in the Middle East.

The Chairing of the Bard Ceremony
this afternoon is the highlight of the week. The chair of the Eisteddfod is presented to the winning bard for the best strict metre poem.

final Saturday
Honourary competitions of the week are held on this last night of the festival including the adjudication competition, Llwyd o'r Bryn Memorial Prize with the highlight of the evening being the David Ellis Memorial Prize The Blue Ribband. This competiton is held between the winners of the Sopranno, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass competitions.

Yr Orsedd's Keeper of the SwordWhat does Chairing/ Crowning mean?
There are three ceremonies held in the main Pavilion being,
the Crowning ceremony, held on Monday, the Prose Medal ceremony on Wednesday and the chairing Ceremony on Friday.

The crowning ceremony is given to honour the poet of the best free verse and the chairing of the bard in held to honour the strict metre poetry.

The ceremonies are held in the presence of the Gorsedd of the Bards. These members wear robes in white, blue and green. The Archdruid, who is elected for three years, leads the ceremony.

During the Ceremony the Archdruid will address the winning poet who is seated among the audience. Once the identity of the winning bard is revealed, he or she will be lead on stage as part of the ceremony. Once he or she is honoured by the Archdruid, a floral dance is performed.

Gorsedd of the Bards
Members of the Gorsedd are individuals who have contributed to Wales as a nation
. These would be artists, poets, musicians and writers. Famous members include opera singer Bryn Terfel, the England cricketer Robert Croft and former Welsh rugby star, Ray Gravel (see above picture).

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