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29 October 2014
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Ysbyty Brynaber

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Cam ymlaen

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7.0Personal detailsDownloads
7.1 Cyflwyniad - Introduction
7.2 Treiglad trwynol - Nasal mutation
7.3 Treiglad meddal - Soft mutation after 'o' (from)
7.4 Enwau llefydd gyda y/ yr - Place names with 'y/ yr'
7.5 O ble 'ych chi'n dod? - Where are you from?
7.6 Dod o/ byw yn - Come from/ live in
7.7 Siarad am eraill - Speaking about others
7.8 'Ych chi - do you?
7.9 Sgwrs - Conversation
Series One | Lesson: 7 | Level: entry_level

7.3 - Treiglad meddal - Soft mutation after 'o' (from)

The preposition 'o' also causes a Mutation at the beginning of words which follow it. It is called a Soft Mutation and it is different from the Nasal Mutation caused by the preposition 'yn'. Here are some examples. Again - my advice is to learn a few, parrot fashion.

Caerdydd - o Gaerdydd
Caerffili - o Gaerffili
Caer - o Gaer
Conwy - o Gonwy
Powys - o Bowys
Pennal - o Bennal
Paris - o Baris
Pentraeth - o Bentraeth
Trefforest - o Drefforest
Talgarth - o Dalgarth
Tywyn - o Dywyn
Tregaron - o Dregaron
Dyfed - o Ddyfed
Dinbych - o Ddinbych
Dowlais - o Ddowlais
Dwyran - o Ddwyran
Bangor - o Fangor
Bedwar - o Fedwas
Bethel - o Fethel
Betws -y- Coed- o Fetws- y- Coed
Gwent - o Went
Gwynedd - o Wynedd
Glandyfi - o Landyfi
Glandwr - o Landwr
Llandudno - o Landudno
Llanrwst - o Lanrwst
Llandegla - o Landegla
Lledrod - o Ledrod
Rhiwabon - o Riwabon
Rhiwbeina - o Riwbeina
Rhostyllen - o Rostyllen
Rhosili - o Rosili

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