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30 July 2014
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lesson, gwers
26.0Using 'Wedi'Downloads
26.1 Defnyddio 'wedi' - Using 'wedi'
26.2 Ti - You
26.3 E/ hi - Him/ her
26.4 Ni - Us/ we
26.5 Chi - You
26.6 Nhw - Them/ they
26.7 Sgwrs - Conversation
26.8 Cwestiynau ac atebion - Questions and answers in full
Series One | Lesson: 26 | Level: foundation

26.3 - E/ hi - Him/ her

(a) Mae Tom / e (o) / hi wedi..... - Tom / he / she has.....

Mae'r bachgen wedi cael cinio.
- The boy has had lunch.

Mae Mair wedi mynd adre.
- Mair has gone home.

(b) Dydy Tom / e (o) / hi ddim wedi..... - Tom / he / she hasn't.....

Mae'r bachgen wedi cael cinio ond dydy e (o) ddim wedi cael pwdin.
- The boy has had lunch but he hasn't had pudding.

Dydy hi ddim wedi mynd i'r gwely.
- She hasn't gone to bed.

(c) Ydy Tom / e (o) / hi wedi.....? - Has Tom / he / she.....?

Ydy Cennard wedi ffonio heddiw?
- Has Cennard telephoned today?

Ydy'r rhaglen wedi bod?
- Has the programme been?

(ch) Ydy - Yes (he / she / it has )
Nac ydy - No (he / she / it hasn't )

Ydy Cennard wedi ffonio? - Nac ydy.
- Has Cennard telephoned? - No (he hasn't).

Ydy'r rhaglen wedi bod? - Ydy.
- Has the programme been? - Yes (it has).

(d) Remember that we must use a plural 'Yes' or 'No' if we are enquiring about more than on person in our question.

Ydy Tom a Mair wedi cyrraedd? - Ydyn.
- Have Tom and Mair arrived? - Yes (they have).

Ydy'r plant wedi mynd i'r ysgol? - Nac ydyn.
- Have the children gone to school? - No (they haven't).

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