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29 October 2014
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13.0The Present TenseDownloads
13.1 Adolygu'r Gorffennol - Revising the Past Tense
13.2 Trafod pobl eraill - Discussing other people
13.3 Berfau eraill - Other verbs
13.4 Treiglad meddal - Letters with a Soft Mutation
13.5 Y negyddol - Negative forms
13.6 Adolygu - Revision
13.7 Ymateb i gwestiynnau uniongyrchol - Responding to direct questions
13.8 Sgwrs - Conversation
Series One | Lesson: 13 | Level: entry_level

13.7 - Ymateb i gwestiynnau uniongyrchol - Responding to direct questions

Let's check the replies to direct questions there's a summary of possible replies:

1. Ydw i? (Am/Do I?) - Ydych (Yes, you are / do) Wyt
2. Ydych chi? (Are/Do you?) - Ydw (Yes, I am/do)
Wyt ti? (Ar /Do you?) - Ydw (yes, I am/do)
3. Ydy e(o)/hi (Is/Does he/she/it?) - Ydy (Yes he/she/it is/does)

1. Ydyn ni? (Are/Do we?) - Ydyn (Yes, we are/do) (if a member of the group addressed, replies) Ydych (Yes, you are/do) (if someone outside the group replies)
2. Ydych chi? (Are/Do you?) - Ydyn (Yes, we are/do)
3. Ydyn nhw? (Are/Do they?) - Ydyn (yes, they are/do)

To form 'No' replies - place 'Nac' in front of the above forms.

Ydy Basil yn hoffi tenis? - Ydy.
- Does Basil like tennis? - Yes.

Ydy e'n hoffi darllen y 'Guardian'? - Nac ydy.
- Does he read the 'Guardian'? - No.

Ydy Tom a Ben yn casáu chwarae golff? - Ydyn.
- Do Tom and Ben hate playing golf? - Yes.

Ydyn nhw'n casáu tenis? - Nac ydyn.
- Do they hate tennis? - No.

Ydw i'n chwarae rygbi yfory? - Ydych / Wyt.
- Am I playing rugby tomorrow? - Yes.

Ydych chi'n hoffi'r 'Archers'? - Ydw.
- Do you like the 'Archers'? - Yes.

Wyt tin hoffi 'Neighbours'? - Nac ydw.
- Do you like 'Neighbours'? - No.

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