2005 schedule

St David's Hall, Cardiff

The 2005 competition took place from 12-19 June.

There were five concerts, taking place in St David's Hall, Cardiff. Five competitors took part in each, and at the end of the concert one was declared the winner of that evening.

After the fifth concert, the five highest ranked singers went through to the final. These were not necessarily the winners from each concert.

Main prize

Concert 1: Sunday 12 June

Taking part: Poland, Greece, Russia, Ireland, Italy

Concert winner: Daria Masiero from Italy.

Concert 2: Monday 13 June

Taking part: Bulgaria, USA (baritone), South Africa, England, Canada

Concert winner: Andrew Kennedy from England.

Concert 3: Tuesday 14 June

Taking part: Australia, Latvia, USA (soprano), Uruguay, Serbia & Montenegro

Concert winner: Nicole Cabell from the USA.

Concert 4: Wednesday 15 June

Taking part: Wales, Georgia, Moldova, Denmark, New Zealand

Concert winner: Wendy Dawn Thompson from New Zealand.

Concert 5: Thursday 16 June

Taking part: Scotland, Lithuania, Korea, Chile

Concert winner: Luis Olivares Sandoval from Chile.

Final: Sunday 19 June

Taking part: New Zealand, Italy, England, USA (soprano), Chile

Winner: Nicole Cabell from the USA.

Song Prize

The BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Rosenblatt Recital Song Prize recital rounds took place in the New Theatre, Cardiff. The final was held at St David's Hall, Cardiff on Friday 17 June.

The Song Prize was not compulsory, and 18 of the singers chose to take part.

Recital 1: Saturday 11 June

Taking part: South Africa, Bulgaria, England, Canada, USA (baritone)

Recital 2: Sunday 12 June

Taking part: Serbia & Montenegro, USA (soprano), Latvia, Scotland

Recital 3: Monday 13 June

Taking part: Korea, Georgia, Wales, New Zealand, Moldova

Recital 4: Tuesday 14 June

Taking part: Ireland, Russia, Poland, Greece

Final: Friday 17 June

Taking part: England, USA (baritone), USA (soprano), New Zealand, Georgia

Winner: Andrew Kennedy from England.

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