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16 October 2014
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Andy Owen (Matthew Gravelle)Andy Owen
Age: 29
Played by: Matthew Gravelle

Where is he now?

Andy left at the end of Series 5, after Dannis death.

Andy has a fear of failure and as a result never stuck at anything for very long. He had a fearsomely achieving role model in his elder brother, who was a hard taskmaster when they were growing up. He knew as well as Robbie all about their father's weaknesses and he too was terrified of ending up like him, but didn't have Robbie's will power. He also didn't have Robbie's ability to put the past behind him.

Andy always wanted a relationship with his family. Particularly Robbie, whose approval he always wanted. He had Robbie's charm and intelligence (possibly more so) and was a softer, more approachable character. He lacked a crucial confidence and staying power and it is this which has kept him down. He felt that Robbie let him down emotionally but always sought to give their relationship another chance.

He never wanted to do a mundane job, and therefore he never held down any sort of job. He flunked out of college and drifted around, maybe travelling abroad from time to time. When he put his mind to it, and is maybe really desperate for cash, he can hold down a sales job and do quite well - he's got the same gift as his brother - but it never lasts. As soon as he succeeds at something he either gives it up or self destructs, often with alcohol.

He always felt sorry for himself, like he'd been robbed of something and in this mood, he always blamed Robbie. It's irrational but he couldn't stop himself - he doesn't want to realise that Robbie's put loads of hard work into getting where he has.

Andy arrived in Robbie's life having just heard that their father had died. He was livid that Robbie didn't try and find him for the funeral/cremation.

Despite his anger, Andy wanted to engage with Robbie and it hurt that Robbie clearly didn't want anything to do with him. Andy decided to stay in the family home, partly for practical reasons, but partly because he wanted to stay in Robbie's life for a while. He was attracted to Ceri when he first met her but he was also aware that getting close to her meant a way into Robbie's life.

However, in typical fashion, he spoiled this by coming on to her. When Dani helped him and showed faith in him, he realised that she was the sort of person that he needed. At the end of the fourth series, he wavered about leaving Bryncoed but decided to make a go of it with Dani.

In series 5 Andy felt like he was getting back on track, then the disaster of Dani's death bought everything crashing back down. He spilt the beans to Ceri which lead to the demise of her and Robbie's relationship. In series 6 he thought he and Robbie were sticking together to make a go of things - when he realised this wasn't the case he burnt down their investments on impulse and turned his back on Robbie and Bryncoed.

Andy Owen (Matthew Gravelle) Andy Owen
Where is he now?
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