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16 October 2014

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By Sophia Le Rendu
March 2007, Cardiff
A digital story from Capture Wales

"I came here for a reason. Long before I made sense of words or philosophy, I knew that there was a purpose to my being here.

I was so spectacularly shy and nervous; I wanted to grow up quickly, to leave behind the confusion, cold water and powerless dependency of being so small. I thought being grown-up had all the answers.

I spent my childhood planning my escape, looking for the secrets of life in the great, great world outside - way over yonder - for the reasons, for a place to belong, for my purpose.

My burning a natural curiosity plunged me in to the heart of the universe.

I used to think the sky was a tapestry, held together by the stars - a map of the universe - and I felt a part of it somewhere, somehow.

So I learnt the arts of our wise ancestors.

It took time and several trips around the world before I began to hear the voice of the world inside me - so quiet, like the opening blossoms.

My answers unfold in life when I become the stillness and the silence; listening to the little voice of wisdom - my intuition.

What amazes me most is that when I look in the eyes of the little person that I was, she knows. I see her soul and feel her wisdom shining through all these years.

Her strength and determination to seek the meaning of it all have led me to find the real me and my place in the universe."

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