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16 October 2014

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My Brown Boots

By Sherrall Morris
June 2003, Cardiff
A digital story from Capture Wales

Sherrall's 'Lucky Boots'

Even though Sherrall's boots were custom-made to fit her feet, she always wondered why everyone told her they were special and lucky!

"My brown boots were unique, made especially to fit the shape of my feet. I was always being told I was lucky to have them - but there was always one thing that I didn't understand - why nearly every child at my school had the same brown boots.

To me the boots were dull and boring and I wished for the day they would change colour. I would do anything in my power to damage each pair; I'd stand in puddles, and scuff the toes in the hope of receiving brightly coloured new ones - but this never seemed to happen.

Being older and wiser, I now know my boots weren't special or unique - they were just my brown boots. But over the years, they've taken me to different places, doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. So maybe they deserve to look a bit special!

I guess the moral of my story is that we are all individual and we all need choices. And these days I take great pleasure in buying as many brightly coloured boots and shoes as possible - even if I know I can't walk in them!"

Sherrall Morris

Please tell us about yourself ...
I have lived in Trecenydd for the last 9 years. Over the years I have worked or volunteered for many different organisations - mainly in the disability field. I am presently a volunteer with the Arts Development Unit based at Blackwood Miners' Institute where I have become 'hooked' on digital storytelling.
My other hobbies are rugby - I try and go to as many matches as possible - skiing and flying. I will try my hand at anything that will present me with a challenge.

What's your story about?
The moral of my story is about being individual, having choices and being a little different. When I was younger I felt that maybe this was taken away from me. I love telling stories and have many to choose from. This particular story felt right to tell at the time.

What did you find the most rewarding about the workshop?
The whole workshop was a very rewarding experience the people I met and the help, support and encouragement I received from everyone involved. But if I was asked to choose particular things, seeing my completed film and doing my voice-over gave me a sense of achievement.

Your comments

"Brown boots did their work, they may well have been the inspiration that gave you the resolve not to accept boring, and to appreciate the importance of colour choice and fun. The determination your brown boots gave you helped you climb mountains, ski on snow, fly a plane and put colours in your hair, all these crazy and wonderful things, so well done brown boots, you did your job well. If you ever get another pair of brown boots, look after them, don't scuff the toes, keep them dry too, and remember they are only doing their job." Wayne, Jun 2009.

"Hi Sherrall. Just saw your video on the TV, well it was a blast from the past is all I can say. Those brown boots brought some memories back to me too!" Liz Evans, Llanelli, Wales, Sept 2007.

"When you are young and growing up , some people develop a strong sense of independence and awareness which others (guardians/peers) find difficult to accept in that you are being 'different' , not necessarily 'difficult'." Andy Stewart, Dartford, England, Sept 2007.

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