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16 October 2014

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Oops! Donna's Done It Again

By Sam Gerrard
November 2006, Caerphilly
A digital story from Breaking Barriers


"Donna was only sixteen when she fell pregnant. Of course it wasn't planned and the family were worried about how she would cope. Her boyfriend was away in the army, mum and dad were working full-time and most of her friends were too busy doing normal teenage things to be bothered with babies. But I couldn't wait. I was so excited at becoming an auntie.

After the initial shock of the pregnancy, family life started to get back to normal. We started planning for the new arrival for October, but even the best laid plans never go smoothly, and ours were no exception. Donna never did things by halves. She was having twins.

The sixth of July was the day of our summer holiday and what a holiday it turned out to be. At check-in mum realised we'd left our tickets behind. Mum and dad started arguing about who was to blame. But I just thought it was a sign that we shouldn't be going. Eventually we pulled up to the hotel, the sun was shining and all I could see were happy smiley faces except for my dad's. He had a face like thunder when he realised our rooms had been double booked. Again mum and dad started arguing but I just thought we really were not supposed to be here. And my feelings were proved right when mum rang home two days later to find out that my sister had given birth to two beautiful girls, Georgia and Sophie. She'd gone into labour not long after we'd taken off for Mallorca. I was gutted that I wasn't there for her and worst of all I wasn't going to see them for another two weeks. I just knew someone was telling me not to go. I missed out on the first two weeks of the girls' lives but I've certainly made up for it since. They're now very cheeky six and a half year olds, and I've stood proud through the most important moments in their lives. I feel more like a second mum to them than an auntie. They are the most precious, beautiful girls in the world and I look forward to watch them grow into great sisters and wonderful young ladies just like their mum."


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