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16 October 2014

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The Black Socks

By Royston Hocking
March 2007, Llanelli
A digital story from Coleg Sir Gar

(Devilish voice) "For many centuries the devil planned to capture the souls of the innocent people of earth. The devil created a soul-taking creature, the black sock, and unleased it upon the innocent people of earth. The forces of good plan to design a similar weapon to prevent people turning. So the battle between good and evil begins.

(Royston's voice) Hello, my name is Royston Hocking and I'm 19 years of age. When I was born I was blessed with ability to see evil. My sisters, Gilly and Clare, are kind of strange because they share a halo as they are twins. When all three of my sisters are together, they are pure evil, always bickering all the time.

My newphew Thomas was born an angel, born a star and I train him up to defeat the evil black socks. The second nephew, Matthew, is evilly good. He's so cute but then again he is evil with all his crying and (high-pitched whinge) "mine, mine, mine, it's mine."

I have 3 four-legged sidekicks: Tara, Logan and Kenvy. None of them call me crazy, just barking mad. They're more like family than pets to me.

I've met two girls on my journies, Michelle and Lydia. They are both angels in my eyes but when that time of month comes, they are just pure evil and spare no mercy for men.

I have seen creatures that call themselves "emos". They are always upset or bouncy. It confuses me a lot and they have funny looking hair.

As I train to become stronger, I feel that I am becoming wiser and more experienced. The sock won't stand a chance against me. My new found strength and wisdom shows in my appearance. I'm a man now - ra!

I begin to search distant lands searching for the soul-stealing thingy but I'm not sure how strong it is. I come across a tree with a (sic) evil looking face in it. It kind of scares me. I begin to sense evil lurking nearby.

I look over a high wall looking for a toilet because I'm busting for a pee. Then as I look up I see a castle. Yeh! There must be a toilet inside. I run quickly through the gates.

(High pitched squeak) "Hey, how did you get in here? (THUMP!) Get out of my castle"

(Royston) "Ow!"

"I know, I'll make you a deal. If you give me your soul, I'll let you use my power. Yeah?"

"Hey, I'm not giving you my soul, crazy-black-sock- thingy."

"Give me your soul, I want it, it's mine, give it back!"

"No, take this" (POW!)

"Hey, look what you've done to me, you've killed me....Ah. Bye bye."

The defeat of the sock means the world's a safer place and everyone can live in peace.

(High pitched squeak) "Oh, look at him playing football. He thinks he's great. Look at him! Eh, eh. Look at him! Ha, ha. I'm much better than him, I am, Oi! I am. Oi! Hey!..... Hm I not your friend. Hm, I'm not your friend no more. Ha ha. I am your friend. Thank you for watching. Bye bye."

Your comments

"Weird but very funny! What an idea!" Michelle from Llanelli, Apr 2008.

"Very funny, made me laugh!" Garry, Kent, Mar 2008.

"I can't believe that its online yay!" Royston, Swansea, Jan 2008.

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