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16 October 2014

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 Richard: Drumming


By Richard
October 2007,
A digital story from Capture Wales

"My name is Richard Taylor. I go every Thursday afternoon down to Beethoven's.

We had a meal once - me and Wendy Allen. We had cauli or something ... peas or something. I was smiling.

Sometime I go to Neath Road here. Neath Road is like shopping.

This is my house... right. Go in the parlour... the pool's up there and then there's the drums in corner. You seen it?

Sometimes it goes that way, (Richard drums), or sometimes (Richard drums) - that's a very quiet one.

...and then it goes (Richard drums again).

I bought this a couple of years back. This is a black coloured drums.

Sometimes it goes that way (Richard taps) - that's called a heartbeat - and sometimes it goes that way as well. (Richard taps again)

A boy called Murphy, C.D. is a girl - a bitch I call her - and Asamati's a girl as well, she's a really pretty girl.

Once a week, Wednesday, I go shopping and Thursday is the same... and that's me in the front. That's me! Honest now!

This is a café where I went... and then Wendy Allen wants a Cappuccino - £2.30 - and a Pepsi, about 60p.

Linda is deaf - she can't talk either.

Yes, if I go to America, I can play more drums. (Richard laughs)"

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