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16 October 2014

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I Believe in Angels... I think!

By Rhian Cadwaladr
January 2007, Caernarfon
A digital story from Capture Wales

Finding a Feather

Rhian receives a sign from her very own guardian angel.

"I stopped believing in God when I was 15. It didn't stop me from getting married in church though, or baptising the children... just in case.

I had a niggling feeling that there might be something out there, somebody looking after me. Money would turn up just when I needed it, clouds had silver linings.

My husband left me but gave me four wonderful children who were sometimes a joy... and sometimes a challenge.

One day I read in an article that if life gets hard you should pray to your guardian angel. If she hears you she'll send a sign - a white feather. I didn't believe it but I had a go.

Now if you're looking for a feather you're sure to find one and two days later I did - but not on the seagull infested streets of Caernarfon or on the bed by my feather pillow, but on the rug in the middle of my living room - and life got better... for a while.

That marriage didn't last either and my beautiful babies grew to be beautiful, stroppy teenagers. But the angel still sends me the odd cheque, gets me work, finds me the last space in the car park, but best of all, this time... she's sent me a real live angel of my own."

Rhian Cadwaladr

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a part time drama tutor; part time arts project administrator, sometime actor and a fulltime mother of four.

What's your story about?
Hope and optimism.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
Just in case it might give others something new to try when life gets hard.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
Meeting and working with a lively, interesting, giving bunch of people who were happy and willing to share experiences and knowledge.

Your comments

" ... I lost both of my parents and so did my husband. My biggest loss was my Mother who had always seemed to have been there. I recently did a collage in a class of people and was very suprised that my mothers eyes were the centre of the piece. This morning at sunrise I walked in to my living room and low and behold a white feather slowly drifted down in front of me in front of my window. I have hope for the future ... " Tina Lewery from Brighton, Sussex, Jul 2009.

"I lost my daughter earlier this year, and kept asking for a sign. One day looked outside hoping, opened the door and there was a white feather on top of a plant pot. also every night the lights flicker. " Janet Oldroyd, Yorkshire, Jul 2009.

"A small white feather blew into my car today as I was driving along. As its my mum's anniversary on Wednesday I believe she is sending me a message to let me know she is ok in the afterlifexx" Dolly in Harrow, Jul 2009.

"I lost my mum almost four months ago, today i was feeling very low and missing her a lot.I asked for a sign that she was ok and free now ,shortly afterwards a small white feather appeared at my feet.I have heard before they can be a sign and i like to believe she sent it to me." Donna, West Yorks, Jul 2009.

"This story was so inspirational. I, too, have, found white feathers in random situations in the past - and have always wondered (and hoped!) that they were from my Guardian Angel. This morning, I came downstairs and found a beautiful small fluffy white feather on the doormat inside the house (all doors and windows were closed overnight) and I was last one to lock up - and the feather was definitely not there then. We have no feather pillows or cushions in the house. I am wondering what my Guardian Angel is telling me? I am hoping it's a sign that they are there with me, looking after me. x" Yvonne - Streatham, London SW16, Jun 2009.

"I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. I found small white feathers tucked into a cardigan,om my pillow and one just landed on my lap.There was no explanation for this- we have no feather pillows or duvets in the house. My white feathers lasted for about two weeks when I was really worried about my health. Thankfully I had the operation and so far all is well. " Kate from swansea, Jun 2009.

"A few days after my beloved pet budgie died who I'd had for over 6 years, I saw two large white feathers on his grave in the garden, I'd been asking for signs that he was flying free again after his death. I thought that was a sign and now looking up the significance of white feathers and having recalled stories I'd heard years ago I feel sure it was him saying he was 'still around'." Chrissie in Kent, Oct 2008.

"I found your film via an engine search as I have been finding white feathers recently and wanted to know the meaning. Your story was beautiful and has given me hope that my little white feathers may bring me happiness too." Maria from Manchester, May 2008.

"I lost my husband just before Christmas and before he died we discussed that I wuld like some white feathers from him just to know that he is around. The day after his funeral I was lying in bed and I felt a push on my shoulder as if to say get out of bed I just lay there and then I felt another push so up I got went down stairs and in the room where I had his photo and a candle there were 2 white feathers on the carpet below his photo." Beryl from Kenley, Feb 2008.

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