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16 October 2014

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I'm not gay, I just love drama!

By Peter Grimwood
July 2003, south east Wales
A digital story from Capture Wales

Peter and his two passions

Peter Grimwood (14) talks about the two contrasting passions in his life - rugby and drama.

"I am an average 14 year old boy. I enjoy playing rugby, karting and hanging out with my mates. But there is one thing that sets me apart from them. One thing they can't understand. More than anything, I love acting.

I love the adrenaline of performing in front of hundreds of people. For me, acting is the ultimate high.

It has its downs though. I get a lot of stick for doing drama. People think drama is for 'poofs'. Well personally, I think it beats scoring a try or making a tackle and, in a way, drama is more about being part of a team than any sport. Each and every person on stage, no matter how small their part, has to give it everything they've got or the show will flop. The people I do drama with have become my extended family.

Of course, it's not all plain sailing. Coming up to a show, there are rehearsals almost every day, sometimes dragging on for over nine hours! But never in four years of acting have I wanted to quit. When the curtain opens on the night of the show, it makes it all worthwhile.

The most work I've ever put into a show was when I played Bugsy Malone. Pages and pages to learn...numerous rehearsals to attend...but for me, none of it was work. I loved every minute of it!

Before I went onto stage, my hands were trembling, my stomach churning. The atmosphere was intense. I stepped, blinking into the powerful spotlights. Apprehensively, I opened my mouth to speak and I became Bugsy Malone.

Before I knew it, the show was over. I took my bow and swaggered off stage, grinning from ear to ear, to a thunderous applause!

When I think about it, I don't really care what people say about me doing drama. It has provided me with some of the happiest days of my life. It's my therapy. Without drama, I would be lost!"

Peter Grimwood

What's your story about?
My passion for acting and how it contrasts with my other hobby, rugby.

Why this story?
Rugby is a very physical sport, whereas drama is stereotyped as being for 'poofs' but I am trying to explain why I love drama!

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
Watching my story when it was all finished. It was amazing the way it all came together, like a jigsaw, and how professional it looked.

This was a school workshop run in collaboration with Blast.

Your comments

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. The fun that the kids had doing this was a very worthwhile experience. It would be nice if it could be followed up with some time in an actual studio." Pete's Dad, south-east Wales, Sept 2007.

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