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16 October 2014

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Elvis Died in my Bedroom

By Paul Cabuts
May 2002, Newport
A digital story from Capture Wales

Did he really?

Elvis Presley died in Paul Cabuts' bedroom in south Wales. Have any famous people died in your house?

Sound - someone shaking and spraying a spraypaint can
Music - "Are you lonesome tonight..."

"Elvis died in my bedroom... although the times in that house weren't all bad.After all, Lady Di got married in the living room downstairs... in fact all the big things in my life have had terraced houses in the background.

In 1966 England won the World cup in the middle room of 28 Ynys Street, Ynyshir... My grandmother died in that room but she was in good company, John F Kennedy was assassinated there too...

I remember them taking her through the door - the door my wife would later walk through as she left to run off with my best friend... oh, I don't half miss him.

There must be a lot of people who had the same experiences as me in the pleasant surroundings of their own homes.

I wonder, was Neil Armstrong in Tunnel Terrace when he walked on the moon?

Did Kip Caeno do his marathon in Pant terrace?

Did the wall come down in Reform Street?... and did Pleasant View see the Iron Curtain disappear?

It certainly was not unusual to hear Tom singing in Gyno place, I know, I delivered Sunday papers there...

What's more J.R. got shot in number 10, his brother Bobby died in number 4... and he came back to life in the kitchen next door... its the same house where, or so I'm told where Norman Bates had a slash in the shower.


In Church St, President Clinton did not have a sexual relationship with that woman in 43, although Beckham scored at the end of the road...

Mandela was freed in Hengoed road and Geldof asked everyone to help in Club row... and Martin Luther Kings' dream has been in all these streets... these wonderful things and much much less we have all shared in the comforts of our own homes.

Perhaps it's time I got out more."

End music - guitar

Paul Cabuts

What's your background then Paul?
I am artist/photographer and my work has focused on contemporary life in the South Wales Valleys. I grew up in the Valleys and passionately believe that people should have the opportunity to describe themselves in their own words, in their own way.

What ideas or concepts were you thinking about when creating your digital story?
It is an exploration of my relationship with terraced streets of the Valleys. These streets have been the backdrop for significant historical events, but also personal events in my life.

How do you feel your story relates to a wider, universal audience?
Although it offers a personal view of the world it also reveals a shared experience - one shared not just with other people in Wales, but also those in other parts of the world. The story reveals how our view of important personal milestones and mediated world events are often experienced in the context of our own homes.

Did you enjoy the Port Talbot workshop?
Making the digital story has been one of the most exciting and satisfying things I have done. It is great fun and with the brilliant support of the team I was helped to make a film I am proud of.

Your comments

"Legend." Paul Salvatore

"Paul is a great bloke and I loved the digital story!" Natalie from S.Wales.

"I loved that. So true." Louise, Channel Islands.

"I've been a student of Paul for a while now and I'd just like to thank everybody who was involved in the video. Everyone I know that has seen it thinks it's great! " Nathan Harry, "God's country", South Wales Valley.

"Original, moving, bloody marvellous. A poem for our epoch in the literacy of the times. It made me think of giving up on the pontificating-on-behalf-of-others game. " Jozza, Bardon, Queensland, Australia.

"Just fantastic! First visit, didn't know what to expect and loved it! What a great, fresh, humourous and touching perspective. Thank you." Will Perry, Burgess Hill, England.

"Really hilarious. It was a quite clever slant on 'the box' that invades our lives. Keep them coming Paul! P.S. Sorry about the missus!" Elaine, Cyffylliog, Wales.

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