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16 October 2014

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Wrexham's Passion for Fashion

By Oli Quenby
May 2007, Wrexham
A digital story from Capture Wales

"My name is Oliver Quenby, Oli for short. I wanted to, sort of like express or share with you something like about myself. The first subject was my working area in the studio cos we spend so much time in it like every day they sort of become like - the personality moulds into the space. It starts to look like you in a way.

Me and my mates like, we play silly games like when you make a circle with your fingers and have it below your waist and if someone looks at you're allowed to give them a punch in the arm. The same rule applies to yellow cars. If you see a yellow car you're allowed to punch them in the arm if you see it before them.

The next subject was Passion. Like I was thinking of passion and I thought I would get someone to kiss me. But then there was no one in the proximity that wanted to kiss me so how can I get round this? So I made little hand puppets and made them kiss (laughs).

I wanted to do something with the body because when me and my mates go out like to parties and stuff, we've got this sort of thing going on where it's like: "Give us a metre so I can bust some shapes." So I just go out with my mate Stew to like get him to do a selection of shapes on the floor so he's like busting his shapes.

The next subject was Fashion. I noticed like the little man on the doors for the signs so I made some - just cut out some little hats and trainers for him to spice him up a bit, make him fashionable, make him fit and that.

What I see everyday in Wrexham walking round whilst getting dinner and that, you just see people, most people who are old. It's just a haven for old people, Wrexham is, it's just like so many old people walking round with these trolleys, just taking up the pavements. They've just got no regard for anyone else in this place. They just mow you down with their trolleys and that.

Wrexham's ok, with all my mates like, you can sort of make a good night wherever you go, as long as your with your mates."


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