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16 October 2014

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Culture Vulture

By Nicky Delgado
December 2002, Cardiff
A digital story from Capture Wales


Nicky Delgado uses rhyme to tell stories about his roots in Butetown, Cardiff, and his travels throughout Europe and North Africa...

Various languages in the background.

"My name is Nicky Delgado. My heritage is African, Portuguese, Arabic and Welsh... and I am a Culture Vulture.

Explain this line with rhyme.

Brought up in my grandfathers' boarding house
previously offices and a huge warehouse
with my extended family
and our guests of much variety
in Butetown, Cardiff - the place of fifty nations
Europe's first home of cultural diversity and integration.
This then was the deadly breeding ground
where my cultural first bloomed in leaps and bounds.

At sixteen I ran away to London town
seeking stimulation of cultural gratification.
Twice I hitch hiked across the European Nation.
Then journeyed through North Africa
My most spiritual uplifting adventure so far.
A long career with communities, culture and arts,
children and youths too, I've paid my dues.
I've learn from you the air I breathe and you from me.
Shadows of light I wish to cast
in impassioned poetry.
Thus I heard the future from your rhythmic creativity,
to speak in many voices of roots and harmony.
All that my kind fated faith bequeathed
this colourful history.
Peace, education, culture, fusion...
children young and old, now to set us free.

Just one last thing
My unique one mankind workshop and exhibition
Evidence from global countries of man kind's migration
from Africa throughout the realm of history
Proof we are all one man kind.
No mystery, am I mad?
afflicited by such attraction to difference
cursed with the taste for humane dignity
foolishly believing we are all unique in that we are all different
and in this we are all the same.
End of my story or the beginning.
Nicky Miguel Delgado is my name."

Nicky Delgado

Please tell us about yourself.
I was born in Butetown (Cardiff) - historically Europe's first home of cultural diversity with people of 50 nations. My heritage is Welsh, African, Portugese, Arabic and one uncle was the first black solicitor in Britain and a councillor in Wales. My work is as a freelance performer (poetry and storytelling). My current projects include a video on Butetown and I'm co-scriptwriting a feature film partly set in Wales. I love music, dance, writing and travel. I describe myself as a 'Culture Vulture'.

What the message of your story?
I want to portray the fact that we are all unique, worthy of respect and have at heart a dignified desire for peace and co-existence.

How did you find the workshop experience?
The team were excellent in terms of their support and adaptability. The final day they managed to ease individual pressure on the workshop participants. I believe it was enjoyable and worthwhile for all the participants.

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