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16 October 2014

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Behind the camera

By Naomi Stratton
May 2007, Wrexham
A digital story from Capture Wales

"I wasn't concentrating on anything in particular, I was kind of seeing what grabbed my attention to begin with. The yellow theme came to mind to begin with because there's a lot of building going on in Wrexham at the moment and a lot of development so I was kinda like trying to badger the builders a little bit so that's the reason I quite like that one.

The poppies I like. That was my one for passion and it was slightly out of focus which I actually prefer, poppies being quite humble but honourable.

I actually prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it so I wasn't too keen on doing the self-portrait one so I kind of tried to put myself in different textures again, using the shadows and reflections and been broken up by the doors and stuff so you can still see my shape but it's slightly more abstract.

I've recently learned how to drive, or I've got my licence anyway. I love my car (laughs) because it gets to take me wherever I want to go. Yeah, instead of having to depend on other people or public transport or if you just want to get away, even to drive around nowhere for a while you can just do it. I go driving whenever I like to - off into the country to take more pictures for my photography course and it just gives you time on your own and getting out.

I've grown up in Wrexham my whole life so obviously when I went to uni a few years ago, I was quite fed up with Wrexham. I just wanted to escape. I couldn't see any good points to the place. And then after you come back from living away, you do see the good points about it so you see it's not that bad a town after all. And obviously now they're doing a lot of development, lots of houses and luxury flats are going up and all the shops are starting to bloom into place.

The parish church, I always think of that when I think of Wrexham because it's this one cultural thing that's sat right in the middle of the town with all the hustle and bustle going on around it.

The ones of all the plants here and all the grasses, that was taken in the middle of the town but in the parks and in the churchyard. So you can still some find spaces within Wrexham that are still nice to escape to.

And this one next to it is the lady who sells The Big Issue. Every time I come into town she's always stood at the same corner, come rain or shine, she always there. I've never seen anyone buy a magazine from her but yet she's always trooping on quite happily, trying to get people to buy her magazines.

I do think that was a glimpse of my life just because like I said I have moved back to Wrexham so I'm kind of reacquainting myself with the place after being away. So it's just getting in to these little intimate spots again."

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