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16 October 2014

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Dafydd the Sheep

By Megan and Monica Mahoney
June 2004, Porthcawl
A digital story from Capture Wales

...and sheep might fly

A short animation made by five year old Megan Mahoney and her mum, Monica.

"In a green field in Wales on a clear blue day, a smallish sheep named Dafydd thought about the clouds in the sky... and wondered if sheep like him could fly.

Soaring and sailing way up high, carried over the fields to exciting places where they could eat clover and sip cool water from a stream filled with fish with names like Quentin and Hywel and Bob.

He imagined sheep propelled up in to the air because of something they ate. Gassy sheep are quite common in some places.

"Incredible!" thought Dafydd, "Imagine sheep with wings of soft white feathers. Lovely..."

Dafydd considered that this was worth bringing up with his best friend - Derrick the Hereford. They often discussed important matters.

"Derrick - do you believe sheep can fly?"
"Dunno... I suppose... with a catapult."
"Trampolines! Hundreds and thousands of trampolines!"
"Cows can use them too!"
"Cows can't fly!"
"Sorry Derrick."
"You could never graze comfortably with all those trampolines in the way anyway."
"You would need at least two."
"Aye, that's true and you might get hurt."
"Well Derrick, thanks for the chat."
"Always a pleasure."

Dafydd walked back to his spot in the field. He noticed a gap in the clouds above, "A sheep would look nice there," he thought.

And so... he started his rocket and flew up and away to a place where the good clover grows to meet up with Quentin, Hywel and Bob for tea.

The end.

Megan wanted to be a blue frog when she grows up, but recently changed her mind and now plans to be the donkey from Shrek."

Megan and Monica Mahoney

Please tell us a little about yourself Monica.
I am a Mum, New Yorker and member of the Broadcasting Council of Wales. My day job is in training and consultation in Community Communication.

What's your story about?
Dafydd the sheep considers the possibility of flying.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
Megan and I wrote this story together and drafted the illustrations. We wanted to make something that would be our own creation and lasted longer than biscuits.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
It has been an extraordinary experience. Positive, productive and a fun way of exploring new technology and bringing real life to the small screen.

Your comments

"Reminds me a lot of a story i wrote last year only it was DEWI the sheep and of course the story is different but i found it very entertaining the kids will love it go girl." marilyn6257.

"Wow! What a lovely tale!" Jazzy From South Wales.

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